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Una carta a dios
Gregorio Lópex y Fuentes
Lencho, Vieja, Jefe
Lencho writes a letter to God for help when rain destroys his crop. The manager of the post office decides to help, but only provides half of the desired amount.
Sala de espera
Enrique Anderson Imbert
Costa, Wright, Señora
Costa y Wright son ladrones. Costa asesina Wright, pero luego en la sala de espera hay una señora que habla con Wright- Costa está mudo y paralizado. Wright takes the jewels with him when he boards the train with the woman.
--realimo mágico
--la consciencia
El tiempo borra
Javier de Viana
Indalecio, Benites, Ella, Manuel Silva
Indalecio is returning home after 15 years in jail for killing Benites. He had left behind his wife and son, but now finds that ella has remarried and continued her life with Manuel Silva. All of what Indalecio had before has been completely erased by time- he goes to the border to fight leaving his old world behind.
-effects of time
comparison to no oyes ladrar los perros
Jorges Luis Borges
Cain, Abel
Cain killed Abel, but now they are walking through a desert. They sit and start to eat by the light of a fire. Cain drops his bread before eating it, and asks if he has been forgiven for killing Abel. Abel responds "did you kill me or did i kill you-- i don't remember, we're here together now."
Cain says "now i see that you have forgiven me, because to forget is to forgive. I'll try to forget as well." (only Cain is talking not about the murder but the argument) Abel responds with something like "guilt lasts as long as the remorse."
symbols- el desierto, un fuego, la gente cansada, declina el día, alguna estrella, la marca (on Abel's forehead), el pan
Un oso y un amor
Sabine Ulibarrí
Chicano (new mexico)
Narrador, Shirley Cantel, (and Abelito and Clorinda- amigos)
a very Romantic view on youthful love- full of nature, the dove symbolizing their love, protecting her from the bear--
know cucurucu sensual
cuando un río se bifurca en dos
El nacimiento de la col
Rubén Darío
Snake and rose talking in the Garden of Eden--
<<Rosa, ser bella es poco..>>
las diferencias entre la belleza y útil

the birth of cabbage
Cayas de Cartón
Francisco Jiménez
Panchito, Roberto (hermano mayor), Papá (y "carcanchita"), Mamá (y "olla"), Hermanitos, Señor Sullivan (dueño), Señor Lema (profesor)
cycle of poverty, the costs of education, the symbolism behind las cajas de cartón, realistic vs. optimistic
Una sortija para mi novia
Humberto Padró
Puerto Rico
José Miguel, Rosa María Estades
fluff story- could have happened in the 20s.. mujeriego finds a ditz.
--what is needed for a successful relationship?
<<¿cuándo puedo venir a buscarla?>>
El general Rueda
Nellie Campobello
La narradora, mamá, el general Rueda
during mexican revolution
three snapshots-- one when Rueda has a lot of power and puts mamá in a completely defenseless position, one with less power, one when court marshalled.. narradora wants revenge but can't find it even after his death
gender roles/power/familial obligations-maternal instincts, etc..
El décimo
Emilia Pardo Bazán
Narrador, la chica del pueblo
El narrador dice la histora de su boda-- we know this from the start-- he bought a lottery ticket from a street girl swearing that it had all of her lucky numbers and that they would win, he says that if it did they could split the winnings. he loses the ticket, they win, she believes that it was the way God wanted it to be-- he polishes her a bit and then marries her.
Ana María Matute
Bernardino, Chu, el narrador y sus hermanos (primos de Bernadino), las hermanas de Bernardino/abuelo, los chico del pueblo- Mariano.
mimado vs. bold- character development in Bernardino and the primos
vicious cycle of abuse
questions definition of strength
El beso de la Patria
Sonia Rivera-Valdés
Narradora, Rita (una amiga?), sus padres, sus profesores, Noemí
dysfunctional family, a girl's drive to succeed in school and ability to focus on it instead of problems at home, the highest honor in a grade (kind of like valedictorian, only i think she's little), being stripped of everything because she didn't/couldn't fit the part (black shoes). Noemí leads the parade strictly because she has the right clothes. (cuba sensorship) -->being unable to focus on anything at all
what connection to the carnival?
when in santa fe?
La pared
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Rabosas (the old man in the wheel chair), Casporras (3 sons like bulls), la gente
romeo and juliet
wall symbolizes hatred/divide
Rabosas house catches on fire, the 3 Casporras go in and save the old man in the wheel chair and everything else of value. This ends the feud, and Rabosas are the first to tear down the wall.
Un día de estos
Gabriel García Márquez
(1928- )
Don Aurelio Escovar (dentista sin título), el alcalde
el realismo mágico
corruption of politics/military
moral issue of the anesthetics
La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar
la jaula..
realismo mágico
La conciencia
Ana María Matute
Mariana (posadera), Vagabundo, Antonio (esposo), Constantino (amante)
vagabundo asks to stay for a night and then starts to take advantage of the situation because he claims that "he saw her with his own two eyes"
guilt complex, innocence, etc..
- nadie hay en el mundo con la conciencia pura-
Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes
La camisa de margarita
Ricardo Palma
Margarita (novia), don Raimundo (su padre), Luis Alcázar (novio), don Honorato (su tío)
don Raimundo won't consent to the marriage becausee Luis is poor (only he says ella is too young, but then the uncle finds out the truth)-- in reality, he will inherit all of don Honorato's money (who is much wealthier than Alcázar). Honorato is extremely offended, permits the wedding only because he loves Luis and only if Margarita is forbidden to take anything into the marriage with her other than her wedding dress and la camisa nupcial (change of clothes?).
Alcázar agrees, but then lines the camisa nupcial with extremely valuable things-- loophole.
No oyes ladrar los perros
Juan Rulfo
Ignacio has been hurt in a fight, his father is carrying him on his back and has been for many hours.. the dad can't hear or see much of anything and asks ignacio to tell him when he hears barking to tell the dad he's getting close to the city (and help). the son goes long periods of time without saying anything-- maybe unconscious-- the father reflects on what a burden he has been and discloses that it is only for the love of his dead wife that he carries on...
finally after much prompting, ignacio gets his father to let him down-- the father hears barking and asks why ignacio couldn't even give him that hope. no response. perhaps dead.
could a father hate a son?
could a son be that intentionally cruel?
did ignacio only want to die?
the moon-- the mother
La vieja casona
Julieta Pinto
Costa Rica
very maternal
the changing of roles over time
the young mother's fears
learning by instinct
similarities between the house and the mother
Marco Denevi