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What happens in Kreb's cycle transition step?
NAD+ is reduced to NADH and H+; CoA is added; CO2 is released; Pyruvate is oxidized to Acetyl-CoA;
What happens in step 1 of Kreb's Cycle, (after transition step)?
Oxaloacetate joins with Acetyl-CoA and the CoA is released and recycled. A molecule of Citrate is formed.
What happens in step 2 of Kreb's cycle (after Citrate is formed)?
Citrate undergoes a chemical rearrangement and becomes isocitrate
What happens in step 3 of the Kreb's cycle (after isocitrate is formed)?
A redox reaction with NADH occurs and CO2 is lost creating the 5 carbon molecule alpha-ketoglutarate
What happens in step 4 of the Kreb's cycle (after alpha-ketoglutarate is formed)?
A redox reaction with NADH occurs and another CO2 is lost; CoA is also added to create the 4 carbon molecule Succinyl-CoA
What happens in step 6 of the Kreb's Cycle (after succinyl-CoA is formed)?
CoA comes off and ADP is converted into ATP through substrate level phosphorylation; Succinyl-CoA becomes Succinate
What happens in step 7 of the Kreb's Cycle (after formation of Succinate)?
A redox reaction occurs in which FAD is reduced to FADH2 and H+ and Succinate is oxidized and becomes Fumarate
What happens in step 8 of the Kreb's Cycle (after formation of Fumarate)?
a molecule of H2O is added and Fumarate becomes Malate
What happens in step 9 of the Kreb's cycle (after Malate formation)?
A redox reaction occurs in which FAD is reduced to FADH2 and H+ and Malate is oxidized and becomes Oxaloacetate
Which is the last step of the Kreb's Cycle?
Malate to Oxaloacetate