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by reason of
because of, due to, as a consequence of
in conflict with
ile çelişme halinde
on the brink of
olmak üzere - close, almost there, on the verge Their marriage is failing. They're on the brink of divorce.
in conjuction with
ile beraber, ile birlikte, ile bir arada. - connected to, joined with
apart from
besides, except for, in addition to -- She was the only French competitor apart from Alain Bardot
as of / from
on; at; from, as from, term used to indicate a date or time at which something starts or ends (e.g.: "Darren terminated his job as of December 31st")
as for / from
gelince - with regards to, as to, concerning -- I feel that there is a lot ofpressure put on policemen. And as for putting guns in their hands, I don't think that that's a very good idea at all.
at large
serbest, özgür, etraflıca, ayrıntılı olarak, genel olarak, genellikle, tamamen, bütünüyle - free, unrestricted; escaped; in general, generally 1. The escaped prisoners are still at large. 2.The chemical pollution poses a threat to the population at large
at length
uzun uzadıya, ayrıntılı olarak, enine boyuna, en sonunda - in a long manner, extendedly -- Young people spoke at length about their experiences.
at once
derhal ; aynı anda -- I can't do two things at once!
at one time
once, one time before; simultaneously, at the same time
at random
rasgele, gelişigüzel, oraya buraya, oradan buradan - by chance, in a haphazard manner
at the expense of
hesabına, pahasına - at the sacrifice of -, to the detriment of -- The cars were produced quickly, at the expense of safety
at times
bazen -- Life is hard at times.
at will
keyfi, isteğine göre -- He can't just fire people at will, can he?
but for
1. -nın dışında (except for) -- All was silent but for the sound of the wind in the trees. 2. ...olmasaydı -- I might never have got to university but for you
by (from) all accounts
söylentiye göre, denilene göre , her açıdan -- By all accounts, Garcia was an excellent manager.
by all means
elbette, tabiki - surely, of course, certainly, you bet -- Q. Can I bring Jack? A. By all means.
by degrees
azar azar, derece derece - by steps, in phases, little by little
by means of
vasıtasıyla - via, by way of, by
by name
ismen -- I knew him by name only.
by no means
katiyen, asla, hiçbir şekilde, hiçbir suretle, kesinlikle, kesinlikle olmaz -- It is by no means certain that you will get your money back.
by virtue of
aracılığıyla(by means of) ; sonucu olarak (as a result of) because of -, due to -; based on -- She became a British resident by virtue of her marriage
due to
because of, owing to, in view of, on account of, on grounds of --She has been absent from work due to illness
by way of
yoluyla; yolu üzerinden -- We flew to Europe by way of Iceland.
except for
bir şeyin dışında, hariç - with the exception of, apart from, besides -- Everyone went except for Scott and Dan.
for all
-e rağmen (in spide of, notwithstanding) -- For all the differences among the members, they reached some kind of consensus
for lack of
(-nın) eksikliği yüzünden - for need of, for want of, due to scarcity of -- Tours were cancelled for lack of bookings.
for fear of
to avoid the risk of (or that) - due to fright of, due to terror of, in apprehension of -- He got to the station early, for fear of missing the train.
for the sake of
aşkına, hatırına, uğruna - in order that, so that -- He moved to the seaside for the sake of his health
in advance of
ahead of; in front of -- Interesting varity of gifts have started to fill up the shelves in advace of Bayram.
in a (one) way
bir bakıma, bir şekilde, aslında - in a manner, to some extent , in a sense
in a sense
bir bakıma, aslında -- in a (one) way -- What he says is right in a sense
in accord with
-e uyarak, ile uyum içinde -- The results are in accord with earlier research
in accordance with
(kurala, sisteme, kanuna, emre, talimata) göre - in agreement with, in accord with, in conformity with -- Use this product only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
in addition to
-nın yanısıra
in agreement with
hemfikir - in accord, in harmony
in anticipation of
beklendiğinden, tahmin edilenden, beklendiği için - with a presentiment of, with foresight; in expectation of -- The residents are buying supplies and stacking wood in anticipation of the coming storms.
in case of
(olması) durumunda - in the event of -- In case of fire, break the glass
in compliance with
-le uyum içinde - in accordance with, in conformity with -- The moves are in compliance with the Montreal Protocol.
in conformity with
-e uygun olarak , -e uyarak - in agreement with, in accordance with (accepted standards) -- We must act in conformity with local regulations.
in conjunction with
ile beraber, ile birlikte, ile bir arada. - connected to, joined with -- The worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the new course books.
in connection with
ilgili olarak, bağlantılı olarak - connected to, related to -- She made visits to Spain in connection with her business.
in consideration of
-nın karşılığı olarak - because of; in return for -- They made a small payment in consideration of their services.
in contrast to
-in aksine - (by contrast to/with , in contrast with) -- In contrast to the hot days, the nights are bitterly cold.
in danger of
-ma tehlikesi altında -- The bridge was in danger of collapsing
in defiance of
göze alarak, hiçe sayarak, nispet için - in contempt of, in opposition to, in disobedience to -- She eloped with Matthew in defiance of her parents' disapproval. -- seemingly in defiance of the laws of physics
in error
WRONGLY, by mistake, mistakenly, incorrectly; accidentally, by accident, inadvertently, unintentionally, by chance. -- The doctor has admitted that he was in error.
in excess of
- den fazla - more than -- The director earns an annual salary in excess of $100000
in exchange for
karşılık olarak, bedel olarak - as a substitute for, in place of, for -- I have offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week's accommodation
in favour of
lehine - in support or to the advantage of. to be replaced by. -- Senior ministers spoke in favour of the proposal.
in harmony with
ile uyumlu olarak -- Your suggestions are not in harmony with the aims of this project.
in keeping with
-e uyarak - in (or out of) keeping with - in (or out of) harmony or conformity with. -- In keeping with the tradition, he took his shoes off
in lieu of
yerine, bedel olarak - in place of, instead of -- The workers got extra time off in lieu of payment
in memory of
-nın anısına - in commemoration of, in remembrance of, in honour of -- They erected a statue in memory of those who died in the war.
in need of
-e ihtiyacı olmak -- He is homeless and in need of help
in no time
zaman kaybetmeden, hemen, bir an önce, derhal, çabucak - very quickly, as quick as lightening, instantly -- We'll be home in no time
in obedience to
-e bağlı kalarak, itaat ederek - out of respect for, in accordance with -- He lived in obedience to the church's teachings
in place of
instead of, in lieu of
in proportion to
oranla, nispeten, nazaran - agreeing in amount, magnitude, or degree; the figures are large but the corresponding totals next year will be larger -- Her feet are small in proportion to her height.
in (the) pursuit of
in ardından, peşinden, takiben (in search of, in quest of) -- People are having to move to other areas in pursuit of work.
in quest of
ardında, aranmasında - in search of, in pursuit of -- They journeyed to the distant Molucca islands in quest of spices.
in recognition of
-e istinaden, için, nedeniyle -- Mooney has been awarded the Blue Planet prize in recognition of his noteworthy contributions to environmental conservation.
in (with) reference to
-e istinaden, cevaben - in regard to, with regard to, concerning, regarding, in respect to, in relation to -- I am writing to you in reference to the job opening in your department.
in reply to
-e cevaben (in response to) -- I am writing in reply to your letter of 1st June.
in respect of
bakımından, gelince, konusunda, ilgili olarak, göre - in terms of, referring to, in the point of view of -- In respect of civil rights, both men and women are equal under the law.
in response to
cevaben, cevap olarak - in reaction to, in answer to, in reply to -- The law was passed in response to public pressure.
in retaliation for
-e misilleme olarak - in revenge for -- The president ordered the bombings in retaliation for the attacks.
in retrospect
geçmişe bakıldığında - looking back, in hindsight -- In retrospect, I wonder if we should have done more.
in return for
-e karşılık olarak - IN EXCHANGE FOR, as a reward for, as compensation for -- Liz agreed to look the baby in return for a free room
in revenge for
-den öç almak için - in retaliation for -- The statement claimed that The bombing was in revenge for The assassination of Musawi
in search of
-nın peşinde, -ma umuduyda - in (the) pursuit of, in quest of) -- Mark went into search of water
in spite of
-e rağmen (for all, notwithstanding) -- conservative MPs are against tax rises, in spite of wanting lower inflation
in terms of
açısından, bakımından - in connection with, regarding, in the sense of -- It is a mistake to think of Florida only in terms of its tourist attractions.
in the course of
sırasında, esnasında, boyunca -- In the course of researchinbg customer needs, we discovered how few families have adequate life insurance.
in the event of
(olması) durumunda (in case of) -- He left a letter for me to read in the event of his death.
in the face of
karşısında - in front of -, before -- Students remained strong in the face of opposition from the government.
in the light of
-nın ışığı altında - taking (something) into consideration; in the view of, in light of -- In the light of this information, it is now possible to identify a number of key issues
in the name of
adına - on behalf of -- I claim this land in the name of the King!
in the neighbourhood of
yaklaşık - approximately; about -- He has won in the neighbourhood of 4 million dollars.
in view of
sebebiyle - on account of, on grounds of, because of -- In view of his violent conduct, the club has decided to suspend him.
in violation of
ihlal ederek - Troops crossed the border in violation of the agreement.
-e rağmen, karşın - in spite of, despite, for all -- He despised William Pitt, notwithstanding the similar views they both held.
on account of
yüzünden, dolayı, uğruna, bakımından - for, because of, due to - owing to -- She was told to wear flat shoes, on account of her back problem.
on a par with
-le eşit, denk, aynı standartta AS GOOD AS, comparable with, in the same class/league as, equivalent to, equal to, on a level with, of the same standard as -- His creations are on a par with Mozart and the composers of the renaissance
on the grounds of
sebebiyle, gerekçesiyle - in view of, on account of, because of, due to, owing to, founded upon, based upon -- Such a policy might be rejected on the grounds of cost.
on no account
asla, katiyen, hiçbir şekilde - under no circumstance -- On no account must you disturb me when I am working.
on purpose
kasıtlı olarak, kasten - purposefully, intentionally -- You make it sound as if I did it on purpose !
on request
istek üzerine -- Further details will be sent on request.
on the basis of
temelinde - based upon, founded upon -- Employers are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race or sex
on the bring of
(ın) eşiğinde (on the edge of, on the point of, on the verge of, on the treshold of) -- In October 1962 the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war.
on the edge of
(ın) eşiğinde (on the edge of, on the point of, on the verge of, on the treshold of) -- The economy is on the edge of collapse.
on the point of
(ın) eşiğinde (on the edge of, on the point of, on the verge of, on the treshold of) -- The country's economy is on the point of collapse.
on (under) the pretext of
bahanesi ile -- Jonathan called his wife on the pretext of having a problem with one of their children.
on the spot
çabucak, bir çırpıda - at once, immediately; in a difficult position, in an embarrassing position -- He had to make a decision on the spot.
on the threshold of
(ın) eşiğinde (on the edge of, on the point of, on the verge of, on the treshold of) -- Mountain gorillas are on the threshold of extinction.
on the verge of
(ın) eşiğinde - on the edge of, upon the threshold of, very near to -- The country is on the verge of a political earthquake.
owing to
yüzünden, nedeniyle - for, because of, due to -- Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.
prior to
-den önce - before -- Generally support for the students prior to departure and during their period overseas is good.
regardless of
-e bakmaksızın - without thinking about, without considering, without taking into account, without any connection to -- If it becomes law, the bill will affect visitors and students equally regardless of their country or origin.
save for
hariç (but for) ; dışında (apart from, except for, with the exception of) -- The parking lot was virtually empty save for a few cars clustered to one side.
up until / to
-e kadar -- Up until 1989, the growth of per capita income averaged 1 per cent per year.
with a view to
amacıyla - with the intention of -- We bought the cottage with a view to setting down there after retirement.
with (in) regard to
(-na) ilişkin olarak, hakkında (with respect to) -- Important changes are being made with regard to security.
with respect to
(-na) ilişkin olarak, hakkında (with (in) regard to) - concerning, with regards to, regarding, concerning, with regards to, regarding - With respect to your second question, I'd like to tell a few things
with the exception of
dışında (apart from, but for, except for) - to remove -, to minimize -, lacking only -- We all laughed, with the exception of Maggie
with the intention of
(-ma) niyetiyle (with a view to) -- They went into town with the intention of visiting the library.
without regard to
(-e) bakılmaksızın - without taking into account , irrespective of) -- All students must have access to quality education without regard to wealth or class.
in essence, in effect, almost, practically, as good as
result, outcome; importance
housing; residence; lodging; adjustment; arrangement