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일련 (一連)
a series (of), a chain (of). [one + link]
작동 (作動)
functioning, working [do + move]
중단 (中斷)
interruption, discontinuance, suspension, a break, abatement [in the middle + cut]
진전 (進展)
development, [진보] progress, advance, [전개] evolution, evolvement [advance + spread out]
격찬 (激讚)
high praise, a high tribute, unbounded admiration [intense + praise]
강력 (强力)
great physical strength, power, might, [힘이 셈] being strong [strength + power]
촉구 (促求)
pressing, urging [urge + seek out]
외무 (外務)
foreign affairs [outside + affairs]
외무장관 (外務長官)
foreign affairs minister (of state), a State[Cabinet] minister, a Cabinet member [outside + affairs + long + official]
활동 (活動)
activity, action, operations [live + move]
비난 (非難)
(an adverse) criticism, blame, (a) reproach, reprobation, (a) censure, [wrong + difficult]
발전소 (發電所)
a power plant [develop + electricity + place]
to breath one's last, to die
defenseless [not + defend +prepare]
기도 (祈禱)
prayer, devotions, a supplication, an invocation, grace
주민 (住民)
residents, inhabitants [reside + people]
갈등 (葛藤)
trouble, discord, complication
암초 (暗礁)
a (sunken) rock, an unknown reef, [비유적] a deadlock, a rock, a snag. [rock + reef]
확보 (確保)
insurance, security, guarantee [certain + protect]
확보 (確報)
a definite[reliable, confirmed] report, authentic[definite] news [confirmed + report]
탄압 (彈壓)
oppression, pressure, suppression, repression, coercion [bullet + pressure]
정책 (政策)
a policy [political + plan]
순종 (順從)
(meek) obedience, (tame) submission [gentle + follow]
again, over (and over) again, once again, once more, repeatedly [Korean]
황태자 (皇太子)
the Crown Prince, the Prince Imperial, the Heir Apparent (to the Throne) [emperor + the greatest + son]
서기 (書記)
clerk, a secretary, [book + record]
거액 (巨額)
a large[a big, an enormous] sum (of money), a lot[a great deal] of money, a pile of money, a king's ransom, [giant + amount of money]
사회보장기금 (社會保障基金)
social security fund
비리 (非理)
irrationally [no + advantage]
낙마 (落馬)
a fall[tumble, ((口語)) spill] from a horse
포착 (捕捉)
capture, apprehension, prehension [catch + catch]
상세 (詳細)
details, particulars, circumstances, minute details. [detailed + detailed]
혼잡 (混雜)
confusion, disorder [confused + mix]
봉쇄 (封鎖)
a blockade, [동결] freezing, blocking, bottling up,《國際政治》containment [sealed/closed + lock]
철수 (撤收)
withdrawal of troops, evacuation, pull back [remove + bind]
자치 (自治)
self-government, autonomy, home rule. [self + govern]
감시 (監視)
watch, guard, lookout, vigil, observation [supervise + look]
임무 (任務)
a duty, an office, a task, a part(역할), (a) function(기능), a mission [entrust + duty]
활용 (活用)
practical use, application, making the most[best] of it. [live + lively]
불과 (不過)
only, merely, nothing but, no more than [not + exceed]
면허 (免許)
permission, license,《宗》faculty, dispensation. [exempt + permit]
적발 (摘發)
exposure, disclosure [pluck/select + rise]
전직 (前職)
one's former occupation[employment, profession, trade], [before + job]
전직 (轉職)
change of occupation [transfer + job]
배관 (配管)
pipe arrangement[laying], [총칭] piping, [배관 공사] piping work, plumbing. [distribute + tube]
연결 (連結)
coupling, connection, interconnection, linking, linkage [related + tie]
전개 (展開)
unfolding, development, evolution [spread out + open]
소탕 (掃蕩)
sweeping, clearing, a sweep [sweep + ?]
준장 (准將)
a brigadier general, [해군] a commodore [ ]
작전 (作戰)
tactics(전술), maneuvers(기동 작전), strategy [do + fighting ]
자백 (自白)
confession [self + tell]
장악 (掌握)
hold, grasp, seizure, command [control + grasp]
군벌 (軍閥)
the military clique[caste], a militarist party, the (powerful) militarists. [military + powerful bloc]
과도 (過度)
excess, immoderation, immoderateness. [excessive + degree]
여전 (如前)
remain unchanged, be as before, be as (it) used to be, be just as it was. [like, as if + before]
입성 (入城)
an[a triumphal] entry into a fortress[(fortified) city]. [enter + castle]
장병 (將兵)
officers and men, servicemen [officer + soldier]
장병 (長病)
long[protracted] illness, a lingering disease, a siege of illness [long + disease]
박격포 (迫擊砲)
a trench mortar, a mine thrower [persecute + attack + cannon]
관저 (官邸)
an official residence (of the Prime Minister) [official + official residence]
가해 (加害)
assault, violence, wrong, wrongdoing [add + harm]
입주 (入住)
moving into (an apartment) [enter + live]
괴한 (怪漢)
a suspicious(-looking) fellow, a suspicious guy, a strange-looking character [weird + base person]
명함 (名銜)
card, a visiting[name] card, a business card [name + to hold in mouth?]
폐쇄 (閉鎖)
closing, closure, shutdown(일시적인), a lockout [closing + lock]
소속 (所屬)
one's position, place [place + belong to]
get out of (difficulties, a predicament), get rid of, rid oneself of (a bad habit), be relieved of (trouble), escape from (danger),
억류 (抑留)
detention, detainment, internment [restrain + to remain]
화력 (火力)
caloric (force), heating power, thermal power [fire + power]
근로 (勤勞)
labor, work, service, industry [work + labor]
노동절 (勞動節)
Labor Day [work +move+ day]
저임금 (低賃金)
low wages [low + wage + money]
방어 (防禦)
defense, safeguard, protection [defend + protect]
구매 (購買)
purchase, buying, procurement [purchase +buy]
전투기 (戰鬪機)
fighter plane [fight +fight + plane]
화물기 (貨物機)
cargo plane [goods + things + plane]
군용 (軍用)
military use, military expenditure (funds) [military + use]
총통 (總統)
the Leader, ((獨)) the Fuhrer, [대만의] the President, the Generalissimo [general + govern]
초계 (哨戒)
patrol [whistle + guard]
원양 (遠洋)
the open sea far from land, the ocean [far + ocean]
next generation [next + generation + generation]
next generation deep sea patrol boats
요소 (要素)
(essential) element, a[an important] factor, a requisite, essence, a constituent, part and parcel, [essential + element]
요소 (要所)
an important position[post], an important point, the main point,《軍》a strategic point. [essential + thing]
도입 (導入)
introduction, induction, invitation, importation, import [lead + enter]
당초 (當初)
the beginning, the outset, the start, the first, the commencement. [suitable + beginning]
계좌 (計座)
an account [calculate + seat]
착수 (着水)
alighting[landing] (on the water), [우주선의] (a) splashdown [arrive + water]
착수 (着手)
start, commencement, outset, [arrive + hand/means]
조사 (調査)
an investigation, an inquiry, research [control + examine]
왕실 (王室)
royal house [king + room]
차원 (次元)
dimension [next/sequence/place + principle]
업무 (業務)
business, service, duty, operation, work, affairs, things [business + affairs]
제출 (提出)
presentation, filing, introduction, exhibition, [증서 따위의] production [propose + come out]
매춘 (賣春)
prostitution [sell + spring season]
알선 (斡旋)
good[kind] offices, services, reference [revolve + whirl ]
혐의 (嫌疑)
suspicion [suspicion + doubt]
go too far[to excess], be too much, exceed (in), break[go beyond] bounds
과중 (過重)
overweight [exceed + heavy]
판결 (判決)
judgement, decision [judge + decide]