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concealment, hiding, suppression [hide+ conceal]
감산 (減産)
a decrease in production [decrease + produce]
결정 (決定)
(a) decision, (a) determination, (a) conclusion, (a) settlement(해결). [decide + fix]
급등 (急騰)
a jump, a sudden rise [urgent+ level]
OPEC [stone + oil + receive + come out + countries + organization]
석유 (石油)
petroleum [stone + oil]
기구 (機構)
organization, institution [machine/opportunity + compose]
인권 (人權)
human rights [person + rights]
대거 (大擧)
great enterprise, [공동 노력] a united effort.[great + effort]
홍수 (洪水)
flood [flood + water]
원조 (援助)
assistance, aid, support, help [help + assist]
고려 (考慮)
consideration, deliberation, reflection, thinking, careful thought. [examine + strategize]
지대공 (地對空)
surface-to-air, ground-to-air [ground + opposite + air]
무력 (武力)
military force, military strength [military + power]
무력 (無力)
powerlessness, helplessness, inertia [no + power]
위협 (威脅)
menace, intimidation, threat, scare, bluff. [stern + threaten]
모색 (摸索)
groping [seek + grope/investigate]
일환 (一環)
a link [one + surround]
훈련 (訓練)
training, (a) drill, practice, exercise [instruct + practice]
시설 (施設)
equipment, facilities, an institution, an establishment [ apply + establish]
훈련 시설(訓練施設)
(terrorist) training camp
알 카에다 훈련 학교
al Qaeda training school
급습 (急襲)
surprise attack [urgent + surprise attack]
무장 (武裝)
armament, equipment
무장 (武將)
a general, a warlord, a military commander
동트기 (東−)
daybreak, dawn [east + open/sprout/break out]
은신 (隱身)
hide (conceal) oneself [hide + body]
부족 (部族)
a tribe [area + family]
주요 (主要)
principal, chief, main, major, leading, important, staple [main + necessary]
파괴 (破壞)
destruction, demolition, breakdown, wrecking, dilapidation [break + ruin]
Taliban sympathizers, members (親/친-friendly, intimate)
합의 (合意)
mutual agreement [united + intentions]
관영 (官營)
government management, state run [official + manage]
증가 (增加)
(an) increase, addition, (an) increment, augmentation [increase + add]
협상 (協商)
negotiation(s), bargaining, (a) conversation [harmony + business]
지적 (指摘)
indication, point out [point + select]
추구 (追求)
pursuit, chase, search, following-up [pursue + seek]
추구 (追究)
thorough investigation, close inquiry, cross-examination [pursue + investigate thoroughly]
거절 (拒絶)
(a) refusal, (a) rejection, (a) disavowal, (a) denial, a rebuff, a turndown [refuse + discontinue]
법무부 (法務部)
Justice Department [law + affairs + section]
유력 (有力)
powerful, potent, influential, effective, leading, prominent [to have + power]
독점 (獨占)
exclusive possession, (a) monopoly [alone + seizure]
반독점 (反獨占)
anti-monopoly [anti + alone + seizure]
부문 (部門)
class, a group, a department, a section, a category [section + door]
데뷔 매치에서
in (his) debut match
to compare (one thing with another)
다소 (多少)
many or few, more or less [many + few]
부정 (不正)
injustice, unfairness, iniquity, [비행] wrong, unrighteousness, [not + straight]
구입 (購入)
purchase, buy [purchase + enter]
영향 (影響)
influence, effect, consequences, repercussions [shadow + sound]
cause, give, render, hand down, transmit, to leave part of one's debt unpaid
기대 (期待)
expectation, expectancy, anticipation, hope [period + wait]
부근 (附近)
the neighborhood, the vicinity, environs, a district [attach + near]
함선 (艦船)
warships and other vessels [warship + ship]
북한 해군 함선 한 척(北韓 海군 艦船 한 척)
one North Korean naval ship
척 (隻)
a boat, a vessel
frequently, often, repeatedly
묘지 (墓地)
graveyard, a cemetary [grave + place]
to be buried
to give (to a superior), to present, to dedicate
목숨을 바친 사람들
people who gave their lives
to be defeated, to suffer a defeat
권력 (權力)
rights, authority [rights + power]
계발 (啓發)
enlightenment, illumination, edification, education, development.[?+ rise]
always, usually, habitually, continously
불편 (不便)
discomfort, disorder, a bad condition [not + convenient]
to feel sorry for, to regret, to must not, should not, to be a failure
오해 (誤解)
misunderstanding, misconception [error + explain]
생기 (生氣)
animation, (vivid) life, vitality, vigor, spirit [life + spirit]
소풍 (逍風)
an excursion, a walking tour, a (pleasure) trip, an outing, a hike, [walk + landscape]
a box lunch, lunch, luncheon, [야외에서 먹는] a picnic lunch [Korean]
각자 (各自)
each, each[every] one, individually, respectively, severally [every + self]
탄두 (彈頭)
a warhead [bullet + head]
혁명 (革命)
a revolution, a revolutionary upheaval[outbreak] [transform + command]
탄도탄 (彈道彈)
ballistic missile [bullet + way + bullet]
수비대 (守備隊)
garrison, guards [guard + prepare + army]
주로 (主−)
mainly, for the most part [main + 로]
주로 (走路)
course, track [run + road]
계기 (契機)
a chance, an opportunity, an occasion, a start, a moment, [contract + opportunity]
계기 (計器)
a meter, a gauge, an instrument [calculate + utensil]
fear, (a) terror, dread, horror, apprehension, anxiety, concern,
추진 (推進)
propulsion, drive. [push + advance]
사정 (射程)
a (shooting) range, an amplitude, [소총의] rifle range, rifleshot [shoot + route/measure]
사정거리 (射程距離)
missile range [shoot + measure + road]
영상 (映像)
a reflection, a reflex, an image [reflect + image]
개량 (改良)
improvement, reform [amend + goodness]
여부 (與否)
yes or no, whether or not [give + contrary]
장비 (裝備)
equipment, outfit, rigging [pack + prepare]
수송 (輸送)
transport, transportation, transit, conveyance [transport + send]
중심 (中心)
the center, the heart, the middle, [초점] the focus, the nucleus the core, the crux, emphasis, importance, priority, [기반] a basis [middle + heart]
일축 (一蹴)
kick, rejection, a refusal, turn down, brush off [one + kick]
예언자 (豫言者)
a prophet, a prophetess(여자), a predictor, a prognosticator, a soothsayer [beforehand + speak + person]
사령관 (司令官)
a commander, an officer, commanding officer [managing + honorable + official]
명명 (命名)
christening, naming [command + name]
별개 (別個)
a different thing, another thing, a separate[distinct] one, [예외] an exception, a special case [special + thing]
지휘 (指揮)
command, [지시] direction(s), instructions, [감독] superintendence, supervision [indicate + dispatch (an army)]
정예 (精銳)
the best[pick] ((of the aviators)), the choice[flower] ((of an army)), the strongest and boldest [essential + sharp/acute]
체계 (體系)
a system, an organization, a scheme [body + connection/series]
대륙간 탄도탄(大陸間 彈道彈)
intercontinental ballistic missile [big + land + between + bullet + way + bullet]