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King of Macedonia from 358-336 BC
-turned Macedonia from a backward kingom into the leading power in Greece
-father of Alexander the Great
Phillip II
founder of Persian Empire; ruled 559-529 BC
conquered Asia Minor and Babylon liberated the Jews from Babylon
Cyrus the Great
boy pharoh whose tomb is only undisturbed royal tomb yet discovered; did little as pharoh
pharoh of New Kingdom
-started religious reform the worship of god, the sun disk Athens
- married beautiful Nefeniti
-created artistic revolution as well
King of Persia from 529-485 BCE
- attempted the first invasion of the Greek mainland, but failed
-lost to the Greeks at the Battle of Marathon
Darius I
King of Persia 486-466 BC
-Son of Darius
-invaded Greece in 480 BC in to average his father's defeated
- won a battle of Thermopalyae
Imprisoned greek leaders who opposed him and swiftly put him down rebellion. He destroyed the polis, Thebes, and sent its males into slavery.
Alexander the Great
King of the first Babylonian Empire about 1800 BCE
who sponsered first written codes of law
pharoh, Hatshepsut's step-son
-took power back from Hatshepsut
-erased Hatshepsut's legacy
-great general who made Egypt a powerful empire
- tribute made Egypt wealthy
Thutmose III
King of Minoans Crete around 1600 BC
-united Crete into our kingdom
-asscinated with great palace at Knossos
-legendary figure
King of the 2nd or "Ned" Babylonian Empire 605-562 BCE
-Maybe built the famous hanging gardens
-conquered Judah and its capital, Jerusalem and took time to capture Jews into captivity
Was the first pharoh of upper Egypt and conquered lower Egypt. He is known as Narmer.
Pharoh of hte Old Kingdom who build the Great Pyramid
Queen of Egypt early in New Kingdom
-traded international rather than conquered
-great builder
-ruled 20 years- known for first famous woman of history
Perhaps Egypt most famous pharoh
-ruled for most of 15th century
-great builder known for his colosal statues and for rebuilding the temple at Kazvak
Ramses II
King of Assyria 705-681 BCE who invaded Judah, the last remaining Isralite Kingdom at aht time and destroyed many cities. He failed to capture Jerusalem after a long seige.