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What was King Mongkut also known as?
King Mongkut was also known as King Rama IV.
When was he born?
He was born in 1804.
In 1824, he was bypassed by who?
In 1824, he was bypassed by his half brother Prince Chesda.
As a result, what did he do?
As a result he entered monastery and become a monk.
As a monk, what did he do?
He got a broad education. He learnt languages such as Pali, Sanskrit, Latin and Mathematics. He also studied Science and Astronomy.
In 1851, what did he do?
In 1851, he became king of Siam with the aim to keep Siam's independence and sovereignty by introducing reforms.
What did he do to keep Siam independence?
He used friendly policy with all country to keep Siam independence
Give 2 in Economic Reforms.
1. Trade increased with Western Powers
2. Duties on goods lowered
What did he do after that?
He co-operate with westerner and opened Siam doors for trade
Give 1 Administrative Reform.
1. Brought experts to reorganize the government departments
What was signed between King Mongkut and John Bowring?
Bowring Treaty was signed between King Mongkut and John Bowring, on behalf of the British.
Give 2 Education Reforms.
1. Encouraged English education
2. Set up school in Bangkok
When was the Bowring treaty signed?
It was signed in April, 1855.
Give 2 Social Reforms.
1. Internal communication improved
2. Freedom of press was allowed
What were the terms of the treaty?
The terms of the Bowring Treaty were, British to trade freely in Siam, Bought land or rent within 6km of Bangkok, Have extraterritorial rights and sent British envoy and reside in Bangkok.
Similar treaty was signed with what countries?
Similar treaty was signed with France, America, Denmark, Portugal and Holland.