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Who was in the 12th Century who wrote the "History of the Kings of Britian"?
Geoffrey of Monmouth
What text did Geoffrey of Monmouth write?
"History of the Kings of Britian"
What was the "History of the Kings of Britian" about?
A 12 year old boy who took the throne.
What new character to our K.A. story did Geoffrey of Monmouth give to us?
Who was the French writer who gave us the round table which symbolizes the all equality and eternal loyalty?
Wace of the 12th century
Who was the 12th c. poet who wrote the story for the first time in english? (story of K.A.)
Chretien de Troyes (1160) was the finest ___________ French writer of his time.
Chretien de Troyes gave us which stories?
Camelot and Lancelot
Who romanticized the story of K.A.--Camelot & Lancelot-- to give us what whe know today?
Chretien de Troyes
Robert de Boron (13th c.) was a poet who linked the ____________ to the story of Arthur.
Holy Grail
Robert de Boron also gave us what famous concept of a boy and a _________. other wise known as the _____ ___ ___ _______?
Sword & the Stone
or the anvil..
What poet linked the Holy Grail to the Story of Arthur?
Robert de Boren (13th c)
What century was Robert de Boren from?
Sir Thomas Malory (1470) wrote "Le Morte D'Arthur" or the ___________________.?
Death of Arthur
The "Le Morte D'Arthur" or "Death of Arthur" was a commentary on death of ______________ written by __________________________.
a. knighthood
b. Sir Thomas Malory
Who made the Legond of King Arthur English based?
Sir Thomas Malroy
When did Sir Thomas Malory live around?
Alfred Lord Tennyson (19th c.) -- wrote _______________ to make a statement on society.
" Idylls of the Kings"
Alfred Lord Tennyson used ____________ poetry to show a higly moral king who valued _________ above all else.
a. Pastoral
b. Loyalty
Who wrote "Idylls of the King"?
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Who wrote "Once and Future King"?
T.H. White
When was "Once and Future King" written?
What did T.H. White do to the legend of King Arthur?
He made it forever English
Who was the most well known writer of the K.A. story?
T.H. White
Artorious was probably born around AD _____...?
In 485-496 AD, 12 battles were fought during which time _______________ gained his reputation for invincibility?
At the ___________________ (a real battle)Artorious was said to have defeated ______ Saxons single handedly.
a. Battle of Badon Hill
b. 940
Artorious was considered a ____________ after his victory at Badon Hill.
A true hero
Who was a well known monk and also a witness of Badon Hill Battle?
Gildas was a monk who witnessed which battle?
Battle of Badon Hill
In the early 16th c. who wrote "On the Ruin of Britain" to tell of the destructive Saxons & Artorious?
Gildas wrote what book?
On the Ruin of Britain
For the next few centuries after the Battle of Badon Hill, many poems were told about this hero. Some called him _________________________...but no actual record of him truly being ________.
a. King of Britain
b. king
Sometime between 817 and 830, a monk, ___________, wrote "The History of the Britains" and it tells about the twelve battles Artorious fought.
Nennius, the monk, wrote "_______________________________".
The History of the Britains
"The History of the Britains", written by Nennius was about?
the 12 battles Artorious fought
Who tells us about the geneology of Britain's Kings & includes Artorious, now Arthur, in the Lineage?
Who is Artorious?
King Arthur
Nennius tells about the geneology of Britain's kings, including _____________.
Artorious, or K.A.
Nennius gave us the characters ______, ___________, & _______________?
Kay, Gareth, & Gwynevere
Kay, Gareth, & Gwynevere are given to us by _____________. (a monk)
"Annales Cambriae" (___________________) (10th c.) mentions both Arthur & Merdraut (Mordred/ Malagant) and the timeline of events from 447-954 in British History.
Chronicles of Wales
________________________ (chronicles of wales) -10th c-
mentions ____________ & ______________.
a. "Annales Cambriae"
b. Arthur and Merdraut
(Mordred/ Malagant)
What three symbols do we see very evident in this story?
Lust of eyes
Lust of Flesh
Pride of Life
How many times did K.A. ask Bedivere to throw the sword into the lake?
How many times did Bedivere lie to the King?
What was symbolic of the first time Bedivere saw the sword?
It was the Lust of the eyes
What did the second time Bedivere saw the sword symbolize?
The lust of the Flesh
What was the reocurring theme in the story?
the number 3...3 queens, 3 chances, 3 symbols
After Bedivere lied the the second time K.A. threatened to do what?
to kill Bedivere
What character quality was K.A. adament about?
What was Arthors name at the beginning?
What all is going on while Wart (Arthur) is trying to pull the sword from the stone?
Music was playing,the creatures in the paintings & drawings that had come alive,
Why does Sir Kay send his squire back to the inn?
To retrieve his sword
What problem does Arthur find when he reaches the inn?
It is borded up
How does Sir Ector test Arthur?
By having Arthur put the sword back in the stone and pull it out again
What is Arthur's idea about Might and Right?
Might is only to be used for Right