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sternoclavicular joint
neck, tip of "u"
acromioclavicular joint
tip of shoulder
coracoid process
push and it hurts
in front of shoulder
bicep tendon
move arm in and out, when arm is out find lesser tubercle, bicep tendon is between greater and lesser tubercle
greater tubercle
front/down of acromium when arm is in, move arm in and out
deltoid tuberosity
down arm from deltoid into bony divit
olecranon process
elbow tip
proximal interphalangeal joint of the 2nd phalanx
middle joint on finger - fist
snuff box, hole below it
pinky side bump on palm
3rd metacarpal
middle finger hand
thenar eminence
pad by thumb
anterior superior iliac spine
bondy part on front of hip
iliac crest
top of hip (hand on hip)
greater trochanter
by poket on side
lister's tubercle
inside of wrist
4th distal phalanx
finger nail on ring finger
spine of scapula
line on shoulder blade