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sraq qαα

1st series: αα
2nd series: ɔɔ
sraq qaa

1st series: aa
2nd series: iə
sraq qəq

1st series: e
2nd series: i
sraq qəy

1st series: əy
2nd series: ii
sraq qəq

1st series: ə
2nd series: ɨ
sraq qəɨ

1st series: əɨ
2nd series: ɨɨ
sraq qoq

1st series: o
2nd series: u
sraq qou

1st series: ou
2nd series: uu
sraq quə

1st series: uə
2nd series: uə
sraq qaə

1st series: aə
2nd series: əə
sraq qɨə

1st series: ɨə
2nd series: ɨə
sraq qiə

1st series: iə
2nd series: iə
sraq qei

1st series: ei
2nd series: ee
sraq qae

1st series: ae
2nd series: εε
sraq qay

1st series: ay
2nd series: ɨy
sraq qao

1st series: ao
2nd series: oo
sraq qaw

1st series: aw
2nd series: ɨw
sraq qom

1st series: om
2nd series: um
sraq qαm

1st series: αm
2nd series: um (qo˘əm syllabary pron.)
sraq qam

1st series: am
2nd series: o˘əm (qe˘əm syllabary pron.)
sraq qah

1st series: ah
2nd series: e˘əh
sraq qoh

1st series: oh
2nd series: uh
sraq qeh

1st series: eh
2nd series: ih
sraq qαh

1st series: αh
2nd series: u˘əh