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aortic stenosis*
Timing: sys: crescendo/decrescendo

Location: base

Neck: pulsus parvus & tardus

Quality: harsh

Severity: Murmur/carotid peak late

Diminish: Handgrip, inspiration, phase 2-valsalva

Accentuate: Leg raise
Mitral regurgitation
timing: Sys: holosystolic

location: apex

neck: normal or collapsing

quality: high-pitched, blowing

severity: S3, CHF, cardiomegaly

Diminish: Inspiration, phase 2-valsalva

Accentuate: squat/handgrip
Ventral Septal Defect
Timing: Sys-midpeaking pan-systolic

location: LLSB 3-6th ICS

neck: small-> normal
mod. size-> brisk

quality: high-pitched, harsh

Severity: pulmonary htn

Diminish: phase 2-valsalva

Accentuate: handgrip
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Timing: Sys-mild, late or pan-systolic

Location: LLSB-apex

Neck: Normal

Quality: Honk, click, opening snap

Diminish: squat/supine click/ mumur later

Accentuate: Phase 2-valsalva/stand click/ murmur earlier
Tricuspid Regurgitation
Timing: sys-early to holosystolic

Location: LLSB

Neck: increase JVP

quality: high pitched, blowing

Severity: increase JVP, hepatomegaly

Diminish: expiration

Accentuate: Inpiration/leg raise
Aortic regurgitation
timing: diast-decrescendo

location: base, LLSB

neck: corrigan's

quality: high-pitched blowing

severity: longer duration of murmur

diminish: standing/inspiration

accentuate: squat/handgrip/lean forward
Mitral stenosis*
Diastolic--begins after OS

location--apex, very focal

neck--NL or decreased volume

quality: low, rumbling

Severity: murmur starts earlier, ends later

Diminish: Inspiration

Accentuate: exercise/cough/handgrip, left lateral decubitus