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a Microsoft application used to create a database.
active matrix
a term used to describe a high-quality display screen, such as those used on labtop computers.
adapter card
a generic term used to describe any card inserted onto the motherboard of a computer too add functions such as sound and video. Examples of adapter cards are those used to add modems and network connections to a computer.
AIFF(Audio Interchange File Format)
a sound file often used on Macintosh computers. The files can be quite large, so other formats are used more frequently.
a keyboard option used in the windows operating systems to provide additional functions for the alphanumeric keys. Just as the shift+f produces a capital F, in windows, selecting Alt+f drops down the file menu options. Not every Alt key produces a result, but learning keyboard shortcuts such as these speeds up the time needed to produce a document. Keyboard shortcuts can be found by looking to the right of a menu option.
animated GIF
a type of moving graphic used on web pages. If an arrow on a web page changes colors, shapes, rotation, or sizes, it is often an animated GIF.
productivity software such as Microsoft Office. Applications are the programs a user accesses in order to produce a product or document.
ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
a standard means of transferring text from one user to another without having to be concerned about software compatibility. Files saved as ASCII text can be opened on any computer, although all formatting (such as columns and font choices) will be missing. To save a document as ASCII, a user chooses Save As and then selects *.txt The.txt extension is an indication of ASCII.
AU (audio)
a sound file similar to .wav.
AVI(audio video interleaved)
a popular format for video files