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Arithmetic Expression
A sequence of operands and operators combined in a manner familiar from algebra
The set of all of the words and symbols in the language
Defines the rules for interpreting the meaning of a statement
An item in a program whose values do not change during the execution of a program, such as 27 or "Hello"
An item whose value can change during the execution of a program
Variable Declaration Statement
A statement that declares the variable's type
A non-executable statement used to make a program understandable
Arithmetic Overflow
If a program tries to add 1 to the constant Integer.MAX_VALUE, this condition will occur
Allows one data type to be explicitly converted to another
Method Signature
A method's name and the types and number of its parameters
(+) Plus
The concatenation operator
Reserved Words Keywords
Words that cannot be employed as user-defined symbols because they have special meaning in Java
When using a package, a programmer __________ the desired class or classes
Logic Errors
Errors that occur when a programmer fails to express him/herself accurately
The rules for combining words into sentences and statements
Primitive Data Types
Includes numbers (both integer and floating-point), characters, and Booleans
Java has __________ data types
Literals are restricted to these two types
Primitive data types and strings
a group of related classes in a named directory
Run-Time Error
An error that occurs during program execution. Program execution halts with an error message
Multi-line Comment Symbols
/* (beginning) */ (ending)
Single Line Comment Symbol
Run-Time Error
An error that occurs during program execution. Program execution halts with an error message
A variable declared with the keyword __________ will be a constant
<variable> = <expression>
The form of an assignment statement
Mixed-Mode Arithmetic
Using integers and floating-point numbers in an arithmetic expression
The escape character newline
The escape character double quote
The escape character backslash
Adding extra lines of code to a program that will print the values of selected variables (in the terminal window) in order to identify a logic error
Primitives and objects
What are the two main data types in Java
Numbers, Characters, and Booleans
What are the three Primitive Data Types
Scanners, Strings
Object Data Types
new <name of class>(<zero or more parameters>)
The standard form of instantiation