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profound political and social reform; instated by Gorbachev
you cant use your mind to make sense of the world, you have to force your own idea of it onto others
Simone de Beauvoir
writes the book, The Second Sex, which is feminism and existentialism mixed together
rejection of the idea that there is true truth that can be accessed by human reason; cultural difference
believed that people who claim to have truth are actually trying to assert their power over others
Christian Liberalism
christianity is not scientificaly provable because it is based on faith, and people want truth
believed that the bible is ahuman document, not inspired by God, but that it is still valuble
believed that the heart of the gospel is in serving people
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
believed that the church was going away from what was truly christian durring the time of the nazi's and he critisized it
Pope John XXIII
changes the language
Second Vatican Council
ends the Latin mass, protestants might be going to heaven
Pope John Paul II
first non-italian pope in 500 years; instramental in the colapse of communism
Cristian Liberals
you believe through religious experience (it is true because i have experienced it to be so)
*no trinity
Christian Fundamentalists
literal interpretation of the bible