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what is muscular strength?
the maximal force that a muscle or muscle group can generate is termed streng
what is 1-repetion maximun or
1RM is defined as the maximal weight the individual can lift just one.
What is muscular Power?
Power is the product of strenght and the speed of a movement. ALTHOUGH two individuals may have the same strenght , if one requieres less time than the other to move an identical load the same distance, the first individual has more POWER.

What is muscular Endurance?
is the ability of the muscle to sustain repeated muscle actions or a single static action.
what is Autogenic Inhibition?
when the tension on a muscle's tendon exceeds the threshold of the imbeded GTO. motor neurons to that muscle is inhibited.
How does the muscle zise increase?
two types of hypertrophy Tcan occur/.
What is transient hypertrofy?
is the pumping-up of the muscle that happens during a single exercise bout.

last only for a shor time
.the fluid acumulated in the muscle returns to the blood withing hours after exercise.
refers to the increase in muscle zise that occurs whit long -term resistance training.
what happend as a result of increase in the muscle when you perform hypertrophy training for a long period?(cronic hypertrofy)
results from an increase in either or both the number of mucle fibers( FIBER HYPERPLASIA) and the zise of the existing invidual muscle fiber.(fiber hypertrophy)
What is the meaning of Acute Muscle soreness.?
acute muscle soreness occurs late in a exercise bout and during the inmediate recovery period.(the pain usually dissapears whitin a few minutes to several after the exercise.
what physiological factors contribute to acute muscle sorenes?
Pain felt during and inmediatyly after exercise can result from acumulation of the end products of exercise , such as H+ and from tissue edema.which is caused by fluid shifting from the blood plasmainto the tissue.
what is delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?
is the concept of muscle soreness(Muscular Pain)felt a day or two after a heavy bout of exercise.
What was suggested by Fleck and Kraemer ?
Needs analysis be the first step od designing and prescribibing a resistance training program for athetles.
what should be include in this needs analysis assessment?
. What major muscles groups need to be trained ?
.What method of training should be used?
.What energy system should be stressed?

.What are the prymary sites of concern for injury prevention?