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words or signs that refer to phenomena that share common characteristics
research topic
a concept, subject, or issue that can be studies through research
research question
a question about one or more topics or concepts that can be answered through research
a testable statement about how two or more variables are expected to be related to one another
researchable question
a question that can be answered with research that is feasible
literature review
the process of searching for, reading, summarizing, and synthesizing existing work on a topic or the resulting written summary or a search
the terms used to search for sources in a literature review
whether it is practical to complete a study in terms of access, time, and money
the ability to obtain the information needed to answer a research question
research costs
all monetary expenditures needed for planning, executing, and reporting research
time expenditures
the time it takes to complete all activities of a research project from the planning stage to the final report