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Heart Qi deficiency- key symptoms
palpitations, fatigue, empty pulse
Ht yang def. key symptoms
palpitations, cold feelings, cold limbs, deep pulse
key symptoms- Ht yang collapse
cyanosis of lips, hidden minute pulse, cold limbs
key symptoms- Ht blood def
palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, pale tongue
a.when do Ht qi def. palpitations mostly occur?
b.describe type too
b. light and occasional
when do Ht blood def. palpitations mostly occur?
evening, even wtih rest
What chronic deficiency is always present with Ht yang collapse?
severe kidney yang def.
key symptoms- Ht yin def
palp, mental resltessness, feelings of heat, malar flush, red peeled tongue with midline crack
what symptoms do key Ht blood def and Ht yin def have in common?
palp, poor memory, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, fine pulse
key symptoms- Ht fire blazing
tongue ulcers, thirst, palp, red tongue
phlegm fire harrassing Ht
mental symptoms plus red tongue with sticky yellow coating
phlegm misting mind
mental confusion, rattling sound in throat, sticky slippery tongue coating
Key symptoms- Ht Blood stagnant
pain in heart region, cyanosis of lips, purple tongue
key symptoms- Liver qi stag.
hypochondriac and chest distension, depression, moodiness, wiry pulse
stasis of liver blood- key symptoms
dark and clotted menstrual blood, purple tongue
what are additional symptoms of liver blood stasis?
vomiting of blood, epitaxis, ireegular periods, abd. pain, abd masses
key symptoms- liver fire blazing
irritability, red face and eyes, red tongue, yellow coat
what are the main differences between liver fire and liver yang rising?
liver fire has more "fire" signs such as bitter taste, dark urine, and constipation
key symptoms liver yang rising?
headache, irritability, wity pulse
shared symptoms: liver fire and liver yang rising?
irritability, anger, tinnitus, deafness, headache, dizziness, insomnia, red tonue withred der sides, wiry pulse
key- liver blood def
blurry vision, scanty periods, dull pale complexion, pale tongue
key- liver invading spleen
alternating constipation and diarrhea or stool sometimes dry and bitty and sometimes loose, flatulence, fatigue
describe liver invading ST
irritability, distension and pain in epigastrum, sour regurgitation, belching, nausea, vomit
key: liver fire insults lungs
breathlessness, asthma, fullness, headache, wiry pulse