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How the Other Half Lives
Written by Jacob Riis and published in 1890. This book resulted in housing reform in New York City.
Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform
Written by Ebenezer Howard, published in 1898. This book initiated the Garden City movement.
Wacker's Manual of the Plan of Chicago
Written by by Walter Moody, published in 1912. This book was adopted as a textbook for eighth graders in Chicago.
Carrying Out the City Plan
Written by by Flavel Shurtleff, published in 1914. This book was the first major textbook on city planning.
Cities in Evolution
Written by Patrick Geddess, published in 1915. This book centers on regional planning.
Planning of the Modern City
Written by Nelson Lewis, published in 1916.
Local Planning Administration
Written by Ladislas Segoe, published in 1941. This book was the first in the Green Book Series produced by the International City/County Management Association.
Urban Land Use Planning
Written by F. Stuart Chapin, published in 1957. This book became a common textbook on land use planning.
Image of the City
Written by Kevin Lynch, published in 1960. This book defines basic concepts within the city, such as edges and nodes.
The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Written by Jane Jacobs, published in 1961. Jacobs provided a critical look at planners and planning, with a special focus on the mistakes of urban renewal.
Silent Spring
Written by Rachel Carlson, published in 1962. This book focuses on the negative effects of pesticides on the environment.
The Urban General Plan
Written by TJ Kent, published in 1964.
With Heritage So Rich
Written edited by Alfred Reins, published in 1966. This is a seminal book in historic preservation.
Design with Nature
Written by Ian McHarg, published in 1969. This book focuses on conservation design.
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
Written by Wiliam Whyte, published in 1980. This book promotes the use of environmental psychology and sociology in urban design.