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The first important step leading to life on Earth was most likely the formation of what?
organic molecules
What must be true for natural selection to occur in an "RNA World"? (2)
1. RNA molecules must go through a mutation
2. RNA molecules must replicate.
How did photosynthetic cells affect the Earth?
Photosynthetic cells affected the Earth by adding oxygen to the atmosphere
What does endosymbiont theory explain the origins of?
endosymbiont theory explains the origins of mitochondria and chloroplasts in eukaryotes.
Why do we think that mitochondria were once independent organisms?
They have their own DNA and ribosomes.
How have mass extinctions contributed to the evolution of life on Earth? (2)
1. extinctions created new selective pressures
2. Extinctions allowed for adaptive radiation
Which type of monkey does evidence suggest that humans are most closely related to?
What was the Miller's Experiment in 1953 set up to demonstrate?
The Miller's experiment in 1953 was set up to mimic the early amtopshere, it was the first attempt of prebiotic simulation
What was Miller able to create in his experiment?
Glycine and 21 other amino acids
What is prebiotic simulation
It is the attempt to recreate the conditions on early Earth that gave rise to the first cell
Why could have clays played an important role in organic chemistry? (3)
1. clays consist of sheetlike minerals. Their flat surfaces can therefore form templates on which chemical building blocks could have linked to build larger molecules
2. Some types of clay contain minerals that can release electrons, providing energy for covalent bonds
3. There minerals may have acted as a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions
How does the geologic time scale divide? (4)
1. Eons
2. Eras
3. Periods
4. Epochs
How old is the Earth?
4.6 Billion Years Old
The Precambrian Time was broken down into 4 eons name the 4?
1. Hadeon Eon
2. Arachean Eon
3. Proterozoic Eon
4. Phanerozoic Eon
What are the 2 main things that happen during the hadeon eon?
1. Crust Forms
2. RNA begins to form
What are the 2 main things that happen during the Archean Eon?
1. Life: Simple Cells
2. Photosynthesis
What are the 2 main things that happen during the Proterozoic Eon?
1. Oxygen begins to accumulate
2. First multicellular organisms show up
What are the 4 main gases during the Precambrain time?
1. CH4
2. NH3
3. H2
4. H20
What does "RNA World" refer too? (2)
1. it was the rise of self-replicating RNA
2. Perhaps protein encoding aka reverse transcriptase
What Eon was the Rise of the Complex Cell?
The Protoerozoic Eon