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Basic Postulate
All people as scientists. Scientists seek clarity and understanding by developing theories.
Philosophy behind theory
Constructive alternativism. Reality is based on your perception. Each person has a different perception.
Fundamental Postulate
An individual's activities (behaviour and thought) are guided by personal constucts used to predict future goals.
Construction Corollary
Events in life have some regularity. The basis that constructs are formed and predictions about the future are made
Individuality Corollary
Reality is what we perceive it to be. Everyone is different and therefore construction of reality is different.
Organization Corollary
individuals differ in how they organize their constructs.
Dichotomy Corollary
constructs are bipolar. Choice of poles is individual.EG beautiful - ugly/unsexy/unsensitive
Choice Corollary
How do we chose our behaviors? When choosing a construct you are torn between security and adventure.
Range Corollary
Limited in the use of a situation. EG the consstruct of hot and cold is only useful if we are judging somethin in that range
Experience Corollary
Continually revising our constructs because of new experiences.
Modulation Corollary
More open to experience if it admits to its range of convenience new elements which are not yet constructed in its framework.
Fragmentation Corollary
A persons construct system is in a state of continual flux. Different constructs are being tested.We play different roles at work and home so inconsistent within ourselves
Commonality Corollary
it is not common experiences but that people construe experiences in a similar way.
Sociality Corollary
Even if you are not similar to another person you can still relate to them.Psyche him out. See where he is coming from
When you are aware that constructs aren't functioning well.