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When anxiety involves anticipations of great changes to you core constucts
When you do things that are not in keeping with your core constructs
Development of personality
Intense pressure or punishment leading to rigid attachment of constructs. Erratic parental behavior making prediction of the future difficult.
Healthy - evaluate and revise their construction.
Sick - flawed construct system hanging on even though they are not valid
Definition of psychological disorder
Any personal construction which is used in spite of consistent invalidations.
Aim of psychotherapy
To encorage patient to examin and reformat construct systems.
Role Construct Repertory test
A therapeutic tool used in therapy
Fixed role therapy (Enactment)
Have clients pretend thay are different people to explore different constructs
Limited empirical research, important spectos of personality neglected eg motivation, developmental, many unanswered questions
The rep test. Theory is compatible with the interactionist position. Applied value in I/O settings.