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to summarise
to face up to
at first sight
a primera vista
in the short term
a corto plazo
in the long term
a largo plazo
when all is said and done
a fin de cuentas
por consecuencia
in addition to what's been said
ademas de lo dicho
owing to this
debido a esto
that said...
dicho eso
or rather...
o sea
as we already know
como ya se sabe
as a result of...
como resultado de...
it turns out that/the result is
resulta que
there's no point..
no sirve de nada
to take urgent measures
tomar medidas urgentes
the key to the problem
la clave del problema
one a world scale
a escala mundial
inquietante getting worse
va empeorando
..continues to improve
sigue mejorando
given that
dado que
for my part...
por mi parte
this brings me to think that...
esto me lleva a pensar que..
the figures prove...
las cifras atestan que
in any case...
de todos modos/maneras
as for...
en cuanto a
we can't deny that
no se puede negar que..
to keep in mind
tener en cuenta
it's better to/than
mas vale que
it's worth considering
vale considerar
everybody knows that...
nadie ignora que
to turn a blind eye
hacer la vista gorda
just in case
por si acaso
it's not well founded
no esta bien fundado
we're kidding ourselves...
es una ilusion creer que
there's no way of knowing if
no hay manera de saber si
judging by...
juzgar por
according to what one hears
segun se oye
with regard to...
con respeto a
from my point of view
desde mi punto de vista
i'm persuaded by...
estoy persuadida de que
it's a good job that...
menos mal que
it's a question of knowing how...
se trata de saber como
the fact is that
el caso es que
it's a national disgrace
una verguenza nacional
the sure thing is..
lo cierto es que