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Number of diplomats attending the Congress of Vienna
Approximately 700 at one time or another
Only European country not at the Congress of Vienna
Ottoman empire
The four great powers at the Congress of Vienna that had done the most to defeat Napoleon
Great Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia.
Diplomat representing Great Britain
Lord Castlereagh, foreign secretary of Great Britain.
Diplomat representing Austria
Prince Klemens von Metternich, chief minister of Austria.
Diplomat representing Russia
Czar Alexander I of Russia
Diplomat representing Prussia
King Frederick William III.
Diplomat representing France
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, foreign minister of Louis XVIII
Principle that Talleyrand urged at the Congress of Vienna
The principle of legitimacy: All ruling families should be returned to their throwns.
Britain's added territory from the C. O. V.
Several of the French West Indies, and the island of Malta.
Country allowed to keep its constitutional republican government, but had to promise that it would always remain neutral in European wars.
Combination of 16 states created by Napoleon, that was later added to to make 39 members with Austria's Dominance.
The Confederation of Rhine
Alliance created by the four allies of europe with the chief purpose "to guarantee Europe from dangers by which she may still be menaced" - Revolutionary movements.
The Quadruple Alliance
The Holy Alliance
An alliance created shortly before the Quadruple alliance by Czar Alexander I that pledged them to christian rule. It was signed by all chistian rulers except for the pope, the king of England, and the Turkish sultan.
Concert of Europe
A form of international government that grew out of the Quadruple Alliance and was aimed at maintining peace and the status quo(in this case, the balance of power establisehd by the Congress of Vienna)
Quintuple Alliance
The Quadruple Alliance after France fulfilled the terms of peace settlements and was admitted.
Why did Britain withdraw from the Quintuple Alliance?
-They did not want to put down revolutions that were striving for governments similar to theirs.
-It would not have been good for their trade.
The foreign secretary of Britain who withdrew britain from the Quintuple Alliance
George Canning
Carlsbad Decrees
Measures that placed Students and faculty members of the german universities under strict watch where newspapers and periodicals were regidly censeored.
Treaty by which Greece became an independent state in 1829
Treaty of Adrianope