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Chapter 6
Drug Therapy in the 21st Century
21st Century health care is affected by
Information overload
Demands for sapecific treatments
Increased access to self-care systems
Financial pressures to provide cost-effective care
Mass media reviews, research updates adn advertising for Rx durgs
If the use of a drug is stated then:
The adverse effects and cautions must also be stated
In evaluating internet sites for reliability you must consider
Contributor that provided information
Date if information and site
Accuracy and reliability
In considering Rx drugs to be moved to OTC avialability, the FDA must consider
Can taking the drug mask the signs and symptoms of greater disease
Can it interact with perscription drugs
Can it be taken in greater than recommended doses, leading to toxicity
Rx drugs that were 'grandfathered' in before FDA rules are being reviewed
To determine if they should remain on OTC status-if they are safe
Making Rx drugs OTC gives the patient freedom for
Self-care, but may produce some risk
Patient Rx education should include risks associated with OTC drugs
Alternative (Herbal) therapy drawbacks
Active ingredients have not been tested by FDA
Incidental ingredients are unknown
atients may not mention herbal therapies to HC providers
Drug-Alternative therapy interactions may occur
Lack of Controls for Alternative Therapies
Herbal meds and alternative therapies are not controlled or tested by FDA
Therapy advertisements are not restricted-dietary supliments
Industry is not regulated
Drug Off-Label Use
Use of a drug for indications that are not approved
-Often in pediatric and geriatric groups not initially tested
-Often for psychiatric problems
-Increased liability issues
The Health Care Crisis (Skyrocketing cost of medical care and drugs) Factors:
Public demands for high quality care and therapies
Expensive research and equipment
Rising cost of health insurance
Early discharges to cut costs
Less monitoring of patients
Increased responsibility falling on the patient's family
Increased responsibility of the nurse to provide teaching