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kappa psi was founded at the __ in __,_ in the year ___
Russell Military Academy
New Haven, Connecticut
kappa psi was founded by
F. Harvey Smith
kappa psi was reorganized into medical and pharmacy in the year
the first collegiate chapter was at __ in __
New York College of Pharmacy in 1898
official colors
scarlet, cadet gray
original motto
one for all and all for one
official journal called
the Mask
membership directory called ___ meaning ___
to assemble
membership directory designated by ___
Preston W Eldridge Jr
official flower
red carnation
current Grand Regent
Dave Maszkiewicz
first editor of the kappa psi journal
Preston W Eldridge Jr
current editor of the kappa psi journal
Johnny Porter
grand council conventions are held every
2 years
web address is
there are ___ collegiate chapters and ___ graduate chapters in US and Cananda
greek word for UA chapter is
gamma upsilon
UA chapter was chartered in the month and year of
March 1950
UA regent
Josh Weber
UA vice regent
Amy Smorra
UA treasurer
Winnie Wang
UA secretary
Kimberly Smith
UA pledge educators
Karen Peat
Jenna Carlson
UA historian
Kwyn Forbregd
UA graduate chapter liaison
Matthew Garvin
UA social chairs
Eric Burke
Sean Ustic
UA chaplain
Tracy Nguyen
UA grand council deputies
Dr. Murphy
Dr. Skrepnek
kappa psi internet page became available in month, year
August 1996
most recent GCC was held in
Pittsburgh, PA