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Positive Comment at Meetings?
Thumbs Up
Negative Comment at Meetings
Thumbs Down
Question at meeting
How do you make a motion?
"I move to..."
How are motions passed?
through a majority vote
What happens after someone makes a motion?
must be seconded, then followed by a discussion
What happens at a meeting?
1) Called to Order
2) Reciting of Preamble, Purposes and Creed
3) Read/ vote on old minutes
4) Old Business
5) New Business
6) Announcements & Charges
7) Meeting closes
Active Member?
1)In good standings
2) Voting privileges
3) must attend all meetings/ events
Conditional Member?
1) In good standings
2) no voting privileges
3) not required to attend meetings/events
4) cannot takes littles
Life Member?
1) Member for life in good standings
2) cannot take littles
3) limited voting privileges