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A, AN -not, without
amoral, atrophy, asymmetrical, anarchy, anesthetic, anonymity, anomaly
AB, A -from, away, apart
abnormal, abdicate, aberration, abhor, abject, abjure, ablution, abnegate, abortive, abrogate, abscond, absolve, abstemious, abstruse, annual, avert, aversion
AC, ACR -sharp, sour
acid, acerbic, exacerbate, acute, acuity, acumen, acrid, acrimony
AD, A -to, toward
adhere, adjacent, adjunct, admonish, adroit, adumbrate, advent, abet, accede, accretion, acquiesce, affluent, aggrandize, aggregate, alleviate, alliteration, allude, allure, ascribe, aspersion, aspire, assail, assonance, attest
ALI, ALTR -another
alias, alienate, inalienable, altruism
AM, AMI -love
amorous, amicable, amiable, amity
AMB, AMPHI -both
ambiguous, ambivalent, ambidextrous, amphibious
amble, ambulatory, perambulator, somnambulist
ANIM -mind, spirit, breath
animal, animosity, unanimous, magnanimous
ANN, ENN -year
annual, annuity, superannuated, biennial, perennial
ANTE, ANT -before
antecedent, antediluvian, antebellum, antepenultimate, anterior, antiquity, antiquated, anticipate
ANTHROP -human
anthropology, anthropomorphic, misanthrope, philanthropy
ANTI, ANT -against, opposite
antidote, antipathy, antithesis, antacid, antagonist, antonym
AUD -hear
audio, audience, audition, auditory, audible
ATUO -self
autobiography, autocrat, autonomous
belligerent, bellicose, antebellum, rebellion
BENE, BEN -good
benevolent, benefactor, beneficent, benign
BI -two
bicycle, bisect, bilateral, bilingual, biped
BIBLIO -book
Bible, bibliography, bibliophile
BIL -life
biography, biology, amphibious, symbiotic, macrobiotics
BURS -money, purse
reimburse, disburse, bursar
CAD, CAS, CID -happen, fail
accident, cadence, cascade, deciduous
CAP, CIP -head
captain, decapitate, capitulate, precipitous, precipitate, recapitulate
CARN -flash
carnal, carnage, carnival, carnivorous, incarnate
CAP, CAPT, CEPT, CIP -take, hold, seize
capable, capacious, captivate, deception, intercept, precept, inception, anticipate, emancipation, incipient, percipient
CED, CESS -yield, go
cease, cessation, incessant, cede, precede, accede, recede, antecedent, intercede, secede, cession
CHROM -color
chrome, chromatic, monochrome
CHRON -time
chronology, chronic, anachronism
CIDE -murder
suicide, homicide, infanticide, regicide, patricide
CIRCUM -around
circumference circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumscribe, circumspect, circumvent
CLIN, CLIV -slope
incline, inclination, declivity, proclivity
CLUD, CLUS, CLAUS, CLOIS -shut, close
conclude, reclusive, claustrophobia, cloister, preclude, occlude
CO, COM, CON -with, together
coeducation, coagulate, coalesce, coerce, cogent, cognate, collateral, colloquial, colloquy, commensurate, commodious, compassion, compatriot, complacent, compliant, complicity, compunction, concerto, conciliatory, concord, concur, condone, conflagration, congeal, congenial, congenital, conglomerate, conjugal, conjure, conscientious, consecrate, consensus, consonant, constrained, contentious, contrite, contusion, convalescence, convene, convivial, convoke, convoluted, congress
recognize, cognition, cognizance, incognito, diagnosis, agnostic, prognosis, Gnostic, ignorant
CONTRA -against, opposite
controversy, incontrovertible, contravene
CORP -body
corpse, corporeal, corpulence
COSMO, COSM -world
cosmopolitan, cosmos, microcosm, macrocosm
CRAC, CRAT -rule, power
democracy, bureaucracy, theocracy, autocrat, aristocrat, technocrat
CRED -trust, believe
incredible, credulous credence
crescent, crescendo, accretion
CULP -blame, fault
culprit, culpable, inculpate, exculpate
current, concur, cursory, precursor, incursion