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MC head injury seen in children
Cerebral concussion
List the 3 grades of Concussion
Grade 1: patient has confusion, but no amnesia or loss of consciousness

Grade 2: confusion + amnesia, no loss of consciousness

Grade 3: Confusion + Amnesia + loss of consciousness
What are the recommendations for returning to play in contatct sports after a concussion for each grade?
Grade 1 = if asymptomatic, may return to contact sports in 20 minutes

Grade 2: if asymptomatic for 1 wk, may return to contact sports in 1 wk

Grade 3: if asymptomatic for 1 wk, may return to contact sports in 1 month
When can a 2nd-time Grade 1 pt return to play in contact sports? Grade 2?
in 2 wks after being asymptomatic for a week

1 month after being asymptomatic for a wk
This is a rapidly accumulating hematoma b/w the Dura & the Cranium
Epidural hematoma
Describe how Epidural hematoma's occur
Laceration of the Middle Meningeal Artery

Pt's have hx of head trauma with loss of consciousness, then a lucid period, followed by loss of consciousness.

Clinical onset occurs over minutes to hours
Hematoma that occurs when there is tearing of a bridging vein between the cerebral cortex & a draining venous sinus
Subdural hematoma
Crescent-shaped hemorrhage compressing the brain is noted on CT of the head
Subdural hematoma
Bruising of the brain parenchyma = ?
Cerebral contusion
Where do the majority of Contusions occur?
Frontal & temporal lobes
What does a CT of Cerebral contusion look like?
Multiple low-density areas & punctate hemorrhages
What are some complications of Cerebral contusion?
Cerebral edema
Transtentorial herniation
Define Drowing & Near Drowning
death within 24 h of submersion

survival > 24 h after submersion whether a person later survives or not
Why may pt's who drown in freshwater have more lung damage?
secondary to the hypotonic fluid washing out surfactant
What may pts who drown in Saltwater be more prone to?
Pulmonary edema
What may be seen in a patient after cold saltwater drowning?
Define the 3 degree's of burns
1st degree = involve only the epidermis
-skin is painful & red

2nd degree = involves both the epidermis & dermis
-painful blisters are usually associated w/ superficial 2nd degree burns
-deep 2nd degree burns may be white & painless & may require grafting

3rd degree = full-thickness burns that involve the epidermis & all of the dermis
-painless & require grafting