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What are the advantages of Breast Milk to the Infant?
1. Immunologic factors = IgA, Lactoglobulin, Maternal Macrophages
-lower incidence of URI's & Otitis media
2. Decreased incidence of Allergic diseases
What are the advantages of Breast feeding to the mother?
1. more rapid return to pregnancy weight

2. faster uterine regression
When is Fluoride supplementation recommended in breast-fed infants?
after 6 months of age
When are Iron-fortified foods introduced to breast-fed kids?
4-6 months of age
What are the Contraindications to breast-feeding?
1. untreated TB
2. Syphillis
3. HIV
4. Galactosemia
5. Varicells
6. Active Herpes
When is Whole Cow Milk introduced into the infants diet?
any human over 1 year of age
What are the disadvantages of Whole Cow Milk?
1. higer Renal Solute load = can be damaging to the kidney
2. Can create a potential for INTOLERANCE of whole milk protein
3. increasing the incidence of IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA
When are FORMULA-fed babies recommended to take Vitamin D?
1. if it does not contain Vitamin D
2. if they baby is low birthweight
3. if there is poor milk intake
When do BREAST-fed infants need Vitamin D supplementation?
1. inadequate intake in mother's diet
2. inadequate sun exposure
3. dark-skinned infants
What should infants who drink Goat Milk be supplemented with?
When should solid food be introduced into the infants diet?
4-6 months of age
-before this time Atopy is increased & many infants are not yet developmentally ready to take solids
-Honey should be avoided in the 1st year of life
A mother states that her infant has been having episodes of inconsolable crying every night for the past 5 nights. He draws his legs up, & his abdomen becomes rigid. The episodes resolve as quickly as they come on, & the rest of the day he act normally
Colic = unexplained crying
List the definition, risk factors, presentation, diagnostic tests, treatment, & DDx for "Colic"
This is the result of severe protein deficiency & inadequate caloric intake
A 3 yo boy is seen for chronic illness. He appears edematous & apathetic, with thin hair. Generalized dermatitis is noted. Sparse hair & decreased muscle tone are noted
What is nonedematous malnutrition known as?