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Defect of the lid that can range from a small indentation to a large cleft, which can lead to ulceration from excessive drying
Inflammation of the lid margins
Syte, an infection of the ciliary follicle & glands along the lid margin = ?

Rx is warm compresses & topical antibiotics
Chronic lipogranuloma caused by retention of secretions of the Meibomian glands
-do not have acute inflammatory signs & tend to regress spontaneously but may require excision
What is the MCC of Conjunctivitis presenting in the 1st 24 hours of life?
Chemical conjunctivitis due to instillation of silver nitrate
What is GC conjunctivitis treated with?
How is GC conjunctivitis prevented?
topical Silver nitrate or topical Erythromycin
What is Chlamydial conjuctivitis treated with?
-systemically to prevent pneumonia
Congenital lacrimal duct obstruction = ?
-usually unilateral w/ clear discharge
-spontenous resolution occurs by 1 year of age
Bright red patch in the bulbar conjunctiva
Subconjunctival hemorrhage
-can occur with mild trauma, coughing, sneezing, & conjunctivitis
-resolves spontaneously in 1-2 wks
Misalignment of the eyes = ?
Strabismus that is convergent
Strabismus that is divergent
Transient strabismus is common up to how many months?
What is Pseudostrabismus caused by?
unique facial characteristics of the infant & is not a pathologic condition
How would you diagnose Strabismus?
Hirschberg test = looking for the Corneal reflex

Cover test
What is Amblyopia?
decrease in acuity as a result of an unclear image falling on the retina
A 5 yo boy is seen in the office b/c his left eye turns in. Exam reveals turning in of the left eye. Extraocular movements are intact. Covering the right eye causes the left eye to straighten out. Visual acuity is decreased in the left eye
How are corneal abrasions diagnosed?
Observing the eye under a blue filtered light after instillation of Fluorescein