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Simultaneous administration of vaccines:
-Inactivated vaccines may be given at separate sites, except _____, _____, & _____
-Live virus vaccines given on different days should be administered ______ apart
-Pneumococcal Polysaccharide & ______ can be given simultaneously, at different sites
Cholera, typhoid, plague

1 month

Whole virus influenza
Egg hypersensitivity can occur with these 2 vaccines
Influenza & Yellow Fever
Neomycin is contained in these 2 vaccines
Streptomycin is contained in these 2 vaccines
What are 2 permanent contraindications to vaccines?
1. Severe allergy to a prior dose of vaccine or a component

2. Encephalopathy following PERTUSSIS vaccine
What are 2 Temporary contraindications to vaccines?
1. Pregnancy

2. Immunosuppression
List 6 misconceptions that are not contraindications to immunizations
1. a reaction to a previous DPT of temperature < 105, redness, soreness, & swelling
2. a mild acute illness in an otherwise well child
3. concurrent antimicrobial therapy
4. Prematurity - immunize at the chronological age
5. a family hx of seizures or SIDS
What are common reactions DTaP?
1. fever < 105 F
2. redness
3. swelling & soreness at injection site
What are less common rxns to DTaP
1. inconsolable crying for > 3 h
2. temp > 105
3. high pitched cry
What helps to reduce the discomfort of the side effects of DTaP?
What can be substituted if a pt has CNS problems within 7 days of receiving the vaccine, if there was an anaphylatic rxn, or if there is unstable encephalopathy when trying to give DTaP?
Whta are the contraindications to the IPV vaccine?
Neomycin or Streptomycin anaphylaxis
What are the side effects of MMR?
1. sore arm for 1-2 days
2. 1-2 wks after vaccination
-Measles: rash, fever, or URI
-Mumps: slight salivary gland swelling
-Rubella: neck LAD & arthralgia
When should the MMR vaccine be delayed?
1. for pregnancy
2. possibility of pregnancy in the pt
3. if pt has received Ig in the past 3 months
What are the Contraindications to MMR?
1. anaphylaxis
2. Immunodeficiency = CA, leukemia, HIV, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, steroids
What vaccine has been said to cause autism but actually does not
T or F: Invasive HiB disease under 2 years of age confers immunity & the pt does not need vaccination
F -> pt still requires immunization
What vaccine should children > 2 years of age with Sickle Cell anemia, functional or anatomic asplenia, & IC receive?
23 valent Pneumococcal vaccine

**normal vaccine is Heptavalent vaccine