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On: カイ
Kun: さかい
Most Used: カイ
TDR: rice field + introduce (same ON)

farmers used big KITEs, with their farm's name printed on the underside, to introduce their rice to the world!
steps, levels, rank, floor
On: カイ
Kun: きざはし、しな
Most Used: カイ
TDR: Town + everyone (same ON as mina)

Everyone in the whole damn town lives on the same story! That building is gonna collapse I swear.

the crazy lady flying her KITE from the 8th story window.
On: カン
Kun: さむ(い)
Most Used: さむ(い)
TDR: crown + a sort of wide 3 stooges + 2 dots (which as you will recall are usually "frost" 冷)

the 3 stooges wear crowns made out of frost, as they stroll through the cold place!

Ghengis Khan is from mongolia which is cold!
feel, sense
On: カン
Most Used: カン
TDR: Parade + Hitler + heart

Ghengis kahn, deep in his heart, feels as bad as Hitler when they throw him a parade.
china (generally older china)
On: カン
Kun: から
Most Used: カン
TDR: water + from china

this water came from china, so it's chinese!

Ghengis KHAN was not Chinese, he was Mongolian.
mansion, building, palace
On: カン
Kun: やかた、たて
Most Used: カン
TDR: eat + federal (same ON)

we eat dinner in the federal cafeteria, a very big hall.

ghengis KHAN's big hall is decorated with yak pelts and skulls.
On: ガン
Kun: きし
Most Used: ?
TDR: mountain + cliff + telephone pole

There’s a telephone pole at the base of the mountain cliff, on the shore of the lake.

GHANDI is standing on shore, listening to some rap.
to get up, to start
On: キ
Kun: お(きる)、お(こる)、お(こす)、たつ
Most Used: お(きる)
TDR: run + myself (same ON)

myself, I go jogging as soon as I wake up. It’s the KEY to good health.
On: キ
Kun: ゴ
Most Used: ?
TDR: that + month

that month was the period of time when we studied KEYS
On: キャク、カク
Kun: まろうど
Most Used: ?
TDR: each + hat

each customer will be sold one crown. because the customer is king here at Randy Ralph's Regal Strip Ranch!!!

the CUSTOMERS are COCKS where i work.
research, study
On: キュウ
Kun: きわ(める)
Most Used: ?
TDR: hole + nine

i am NOT watching gay porn!! i am, um, researching the holes of nine CUTE adult actors!
hurry, rush
On: キュウ
Kun: いそ(ぐ)
Most Used: いそ(ぐ)
TDR: fishhook + snout + heart

it is very urgent that you put a fishhook through my snout and another through my heart.
Because CUTE guys like you make me a masochist!!
level, grade, class
On: キュウ
Kun: しな
Most Used: ?
TDR: string + reach/amount to (same ON)

this is absolutely the highest level of the mountain you can reach with a 30 foot string.

ozzy's CUTENESS level is fairly high.
royalty, shrine
On: キュウ、グウ
Kun: みや
Most Used: ?
TDR: crown + washtub

the princess left his crown in the washtub at his palace.

that's a CUTE palace you got there.
On: キュウ、グ
Kun: たま
Most Used: ?
TDR: king + demand (same on)

the king demands that you SHOW your CUTE balls at the imperial court tomorrow.
to leave, past, gone
On: キョ、コ
Kun: さ(る)
Most Used: さ(る)
TDR: earth + moocow

there used to be a moocow on this here patch of earth, before the incident.
On: キョウ
Kun: はし
Most Used: ?
TDR: tree + some kind of weird version of wheat + mouth + goatee

a guy with a goatee crossing a bridge made of wood, carrying some wheat under his arm.

KYOU (今日) i crossed the bridge.
work, vocation, business
On: ギョウ、ゴウ
Kun: わざ
Most Used: ギョウ
TDR: hedgehog + sheep + tree

the hedgehogs did business with the sheep - selling them wood.

GET YOUR business running with a cheap loan.
turn, music
On: キョク
Kun: ま(がる)、ま(げる)
Most Used: ?
TDR: it's hard to KEEP YOUR COOL when a Mariah Carey song comes on the radio. I just want to smash the speakers.
On: キョク
Kun: つぼね
Most Used: ?
TDR: corpse + verse

The local tv department did a great special on dead poet’s haiku verses.

KYOU (今日), COULD you please go to the TV department and drop off this script?