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to answer, solution
On: トウ
Kun: こた(え)、こた(える)
Most Used: こた(え)
TDR: bamboo + suit
which bamboo is more suitable for my garden? answer me!
how many TOES do you have? answer me!
On: トウ、ズ、ト
Kun: あたま、かしら
Most Used: あたま
TDR: ok , ok! I know it sucks that the onyomi for “head” sounds just like the English word “toe.” That is rough. But
maybe this will help you out: the onyomi for beans 豆 is tou, and beans is the left radical of head.
you’re so oogly, your head looks like a big ole bean!
same, agree, equal
On: ドウ、トウ
Kun: おな(じ)
Most Used: おな(じ)
TDR: George Michael's Moustache + hitler's Moustache
when i saw george michael and hitler's Moustaches at the same time, i went DOH!!
street, road, way, path, course
On: ドウ、トウ
Kun: みち
Most Used: みち
TDR: I twisted my neck looking at a hot jogger moving fast down the road. Then I was like all holding my neck going,
to read
On: ドク、トク、トウ
Kun: よ(む)よみ
Most Used: よ(む)
TDR: say + sell
If you say the book sold a lot of copies, I’ll read it.
i can't seem to get the hang of suDOKU, perhaps i'll read a book about it.
inside, while, during
On: ナイ、ダイ
Kun: うち
Most Used: ?
TDR: person + g.m.m.

story: do you deNYYYY that there is a man trapped in George Michael's stache?
On: ナン、ナ
Kun: みなみ
Most Used: みなみ
TDR: ten + stache
George Michael's Moustache + yen
If you insert ten yen into George Michael's Moustache, he'll take you down south to
India where you can get some kickass NAN bread.
On: ニク
Kun: しし
Most Used: ニク
TDR: g.m.m. + 2 person

george has got two men's meat trapped in his stache
On: バ、メ
Kun: うま
Most Used: ?
TDR: i guess you can say the four dots are like four hooves, and the horizontal lines are like the hair of the mane flapping in the wind
as it gallops.
to sell, sale
On: バイ、マイ
Kun: う(る)、うねる
Most Used: う(る)
TDR: samurai + thick pie
Story: the samurai is selling a nice thick pie. Do you want to BUY it?
to buy, purchase
On: バイ
Kun: か(う)
Most Used: か(う)
TDR: Net + money
You BUY too much shit with your money because you are caught in the net of capitalism and materialism.
On: バク
Kun: むぎ
Most Used: ?
TDR: master + each
each bit of barley was fed to the master
On: ハン
Kun: なか(ば)
Most Used: ハン
TDR: HAN solo was half of the crew of the Millenium Falcon
number, turn
On: バン
Kun: つがい、つが(う)、つが(える)
Most Used: ?
TDR: come + rice paddy
I’ll come to your rice paddy if you write down the NUMBER.
i'd like to BAN the number 13 because it is unlucky.
father, dad, daddy
On: フ
Kun: ちち
Most Used: ?
TDR: think of dad on two crutches, the crutches crossing back and forth as he hobbles.
damn, dude, your dad is FUCKED UP.
wind, air, style
On: フウ、フ
Kun: かぜ
Most Used: かぜ
TDR: diaper + bug
story: the wind blows a bug into your diaper. WU TANG KILLA BEES!!!!that is a whole new kind of diaper rash right
the spooky wind made a sound like FUUUUUUUUUU.
understand, separate, part, divide, minute (time)
On: フン、ブン、ブ
Kun: わ(かつ)、わ(ける)、わ(かる)、わ(かれる)
Most Used: ?
TDR: eight+sword
use your sword to cut it into 8 pieces!
it takes a minute to bake a  baby BUNNY in the oven.
to hear, listen, ask
On: ブン、モン
Kun: き(く)、き(こえる)、き(こえ)
Most Used: き(く)
TDR: gate + ear
story: use your ear to listen to BUNNIES hopping through the gate. they're pretty quiet so you'll have to use
your whole ear.
rice, U.S.
On: ベイ、マイ
Kun: こめ、よね
Most Used: ?
TDR: tree + two lines
think of the rice plant as a little tree, with the two lines being leaves pointing up to catch the rays of the
story: MY BAby comes from america. My baby also loves him some rice.
to walk, to step
On: ホ、フ、ブ
Kun: あゆみ、あゆ(む)ある(く)
Most Used: ある(く)
TDR: Stop + a little
When you walk, stop a little to enjoy the view.
i walk until i can afford a UNICYCLE.