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bad, evil
On: アク、オ
Kun: わる(い)、わる
Most Used: わる(い)
TDR: Asia + heart

FUCKED ROOTS ALERT; Holy shit this is racist!!! What the hell??????
cheap, safe, peaceful
On: アン
Kun: やす(い)、やす(らか)、やす(んじる)
Most Used: やす(い)
TDR: crown + woman

If you got the crown, you can fuck a woman named ANN Coulter really cheaply.

She has a thing for authority.
dark, darkness
On: アン
Kun: くら(い)
Most Used: くら(い)
TDR: sun + sound

ANN Coulter with the sunny blonde hair, can’t stand the sounds made by the darker ethnic groups.
to heal, to cure
On: イ
Most Used: イ
TDR: container + arrow

I am a doctor, who surgically removes an arrow out of your colon and puts it in the biohazard container.
commit, entrust with, member
On: イ
Kun: ゆだ(ねる)
Most Used: ?
TDR: woman + wheat

I am a member of the women’s wheat-harvesting collective.
mind, attention
On: イ
Kun: こころ
Most Used: ?
TDR: Sound + heart

I believe that the sound of my heart means I am alive.
raise (child), educate, grow
On: イク
Kun: そだ(つ)、そだ(てる)、はぐく(む)
Most Used: イク
TDR: order with a little dot on top BUT NOT A BERET, NEVER A BERET + month

I was a foster child, so it was the order that I would be raised by a new family every month.
member, official
On: イン
Kun: かず
Most Used: イン
TDR: mouth + money

When you give your money to the clerk IN the store, she uses her mouth to say
institution, academy
On: イン
Most Used: イン
TDR: Town + complete

IN our town, we have completed our institutions = we have a library, a town hall and a university.
to drink
On: イン
Kun: の(む)
Most Used: の(む)
TDR: eat + lack

drinking is like eating but with a lack of solids.

drink it all IN. that's right, chug.
to carry, luck
On: ウン
Kun: はこ(ふ)
Most Used: ウン
TDR: Move + army

I wish the army luck when they move forward with their campaign? hope they only meet UN-armed civilians.
to swim
On: エイ
Kun: およ(ぐ)、およ(ぎ)
Most Used: エイ
TDR: water + long time (same ON)

i can swim in water for a long time!
station, train station
On: エキ
Kun: うまや
Most Used: エキ
TDR: horse + rock

ride your horse to the train station to hear some rock music played by buskers outside.
On: オウ
Most Used: オウ
TDR: big + George Michael's Moustache

to a certain kind of brawny man, having a big George Michael's Moustache is
central to his lifestyle.

OH SHIT, that is a big stache.
side, width, beside
On: オウ
Kun: よこ
Most Used: よこ
TDR: tree + yellow (same onyomi)

OH SHIT, the side of the yellow tree is yellow with dog piss.
house, shop, roof
On: オク
Kun: や
Most Used: や
TDR: corpse + until

you can only leave your corpse at my store until it starts to smell.

Don’t confuse this with room
warm, temperature
On: オン
Kun: あたた(か)、あたた(かい)、あたた(まる)、あたた(める)、めるい
Most Used: オン
TDR: water + sun + plate

the sun shining ON the plate full of water, made the water warm.
On: カ、ケ
Kun: ば(ける)、ば(かず)
Most Used: カ
TDR: person + heel

the witch transformed that person into a giant heel.

the CAR transforms into Optimus Prime. ok, i know he's supposed to be a truck or whatever, but i never liked that show anyway. JESUS, why do i even know that??
On: カ
Kun: に、にな(う)
Most Used: に
TDR: none.
to open
On: カイ
Kun: あ(ける)、あ(く)、ひら(く)、ひら(ける)
Most Used: あ(ける)
TDR: gate + open

a KITE flies through the open gate.