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On: ガン
Kun: いわ
Most Used: ?
TDR: rock + mountain

GHANDI stood on a rock the size of a mountain.
On: ガン、ゲン
Kun: かお
Most Used: かお
TDR: stand + cliff + hair + head radical

GHANDI stands on a cliff, the hair of his mustache being B.O.n into his face.
On: キ、イツ
Kun: ゆげ、みずけ
Most Used: キ
TDR: none
statement, inscription, note, describe, mark
On: キ
Kun: しるす、しるし
Most Used: ?
TDR: talk + self

Story: talking to yourself honestly is the KEY to a successful diary.

Keep writing every sun.
return, arrive, come home
On: キ
Kun: かえ(り)、かえ(す)
Most Used: かえ(る)
TDR: leftsword + snout + sword-swallower

I got my sword pointed at your ugly snout, and my dagger pointed at your ugly hat, you need to get your ass home before I kill you!!!


When you get home you need the KEY to get in.
bow, archery
On: キュウ
Kun: ゆみ
Most Used: ?
TDR: That's a CUTE bow you have in your hair. It really goes well with the other bow which you are pointing at me.
bull, cow, cattle
On: ギュウ
Kun: うし
Most Used: うし
TDR: NOON + a little head

how to tell them apart? the COW has a HEAD that sticks up in the middle. noon does not have a head because it is
an abstract concept, not a physical animal with 8 nipples.

on-yomi story; GYUU is the Japanese sound-effect for hugging. Picture the farmer hugging the cow's nipples to
make the milk come out.
On: ギョ
Kun: さかな、うお
Most Used: さかな
TDR: fishhook + rice field + fire

fish are so necessary to japan, they are like the rice field of the ocean!! You hook them and burn them in the
fire and it is like a crop of staple foods for you!!!

GEE, YOUR fish is so big. you are a great fisherman. that's . . . .wow. no really. wow.
capital, ancient city
On: キョウ、ケイ、キン
Kun: みやこ
Most Used: キョウ
TDR: Beret + mouth + small

The fashion in the capital city is, to wear a beret, with a small soul patch below your mouth

TODAY (今日) I am going to the capital.
On: キョウ、ゴウ
Kun: つよ(い)、すよ(まる)、つよ(める)、し(いる)
Most Used: つよ(い)
TDR: bow + moocow + bug

kyou, tsuoi

the burly cow used the bow to shoot the bug

i learned a burly Kanji KYOU (今日)
to teach, faith, education
On: キョウ
Kun: おし(える)、おしえ、おそ(わる)
Most Used: おし(える)
TDR: dizzy + child + taskmaster

the taskmaster is teaching the children so much their heads get dizzy.

KYOU (今日) , I taught my little brother how to blow snot out of one nostril, all "farmer style."
near, early
On: キン、コン
Kun: ちか(い)
Most Used: ちか(い)
TDR: Motion + axe

If you move near my KINfolk I got an axe for you!!
older brother
On: ケイ、キョウ
Kun: あに
Most Used: あに
TDR: my older brother is eating so much, he is basically a mouth on legs.

KYOU (今日) my older brother acted OK. tomorrow he'll be a bully again.

On: ケイ、ギョウ
Kun: かた、かたち
Most Used: ?
TDR: open + hair

your open palms have the form of hair. You have been masturbating!!!!

It’s OKAY to masturbate once in a while, but don’t GET YOUR ass crazy with it because jesus is watching,

(and if he likes what he sees, then when you die, jesus will put you to work in the 25 cent booth. Oh deeyammn.)
to measure, plan
On: ケイ
Kun: はか(る)、はか(らう)
Most Used: ケイ
TDR: say + ten

measure SATAN!!!!! he's just huge, dude!!

it’s OK to measure your pubic hair.
beginning, origin
On: ゲン、ガン
Kun: もと
Most Used: もと
TDR: one + pi

pie has only one basis: deliciousness!

the Ramones took rock and roll back to basics AGAIN
to say, word, expression, statement
On: ゲン、ゴン
Kun: い(う)、こと
Most Used: い(う)
TDR: 3 + 1 (in other words, 4) + mouth

he used his mouth to say it 4 times already! if he says it AGAIN, i swear i'll stomp that ass.
field, plain
On: ゲン
Kun: はら
Most Used: ?
TDR: Cliff + white + small

The high plain sits atop a small white cliff.

He’s out horseriding on the high plain AGAIN.
On: コ
Kun: と
Most Used: ?
TDR: one + corpse

there's one corpse of a KODOMO (子) who was killed by a swinging door.
old, ancient
On: コ
Kun: ふる(い)、ふる(す)、いにしえ
Most Used: ふる(い)
TDR: ten + mouth

the KODOMO (子供)will grow old someday with ten dentures in her mouth.