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pull, draw
On: エン
Kun: ひ(く)、ひ(ける)
Most Used: ひ(く)
TDR: bow + vertical line, which we will call a “string.”

Ok, can you guess what the story will be?

Everybody say it one time;

Pull the bowstring IN!
wing, feather
On: ウ
Kun: はね、は
Most Used: はね
TDR: those flapping bird wings are UUUUrusai.
On: ウン、オン
Kun: くも
Most Used: くも
TDR: Rain + grunt

Clouds grunt as they poot out some rain

It’s UNlucky to play with electricity on a cloudy sun.
park, garden
On: エン、オン
Kun: その
Most Used: エン
TDR: Box + ground +far (same on)

Faraway, there’s a box of ground, with trees and flowers.

Please ENjoy it!
distant, far
On: エン、オン
Kun: とお(い)、とおざかる、おち
Most Used: エン
TDR: Motion + ground + far (same on)

Please ENjoy the trip as your move to a faraway ground.
what, many, how
On: カ、ガ
Kun: なに、なん、なんぞ
Most Used: なに
TDR: person + possible(SAME ON YOMI)

story: when you say WHAAT???? you are asking that person if what they just said is really possible. also known as,"ARE YOU SHITTING ME??

what kind of CAR is that?
On: カ
Kun: とが、しな
Most Used: カ
TDR: wheat + spice rack

thanks to science we now have a CAR that runs on wheat and spices!
On: カ、ゲ
Kun: なつ
Most Used: なつ
TDR: none
house, home, family
On: カ、ケ
Kun: いえ、うち、や
Most Used: いえ
TDR: crown + pig

Why is that pig wearing a crown in our home? That’s no pig, that’s my father!

Drive home in your CAR, OK?
to sing, song, poetry
On: カ
Kun: うた、うた(う)
Most Used: うた
TDR: possible + possible (same onyomi!) + yawn/lack

it’s possible to yawn when she sings karaoke. JESUS, is it ever possible.

I like to sing in my CAR, so others can’t hear me.
drawing, paper, picture
On: ガ、カク
Kun: かぎる、はかる、はかりごと
Most Used: ガ
TDR: tnt plunger + pit

this kanji is a drawing of a tnt plunger in a pit.

you GOTTA see this guy's drawing.
meet, meeting
On: カイ、エ
Kun: あ(う)
Most Used: カイ
TDR: peaked roof + grunt

let's all meet and grunt together under the peaked roof

No flying KITES at the meeting!!
go around, turn
On: カイ、エ
Kun: まわ(る)、まわ(す)
Most Used: カイ
TDR: small box + big box

story: remember how i said the mouth radical sometimes means box? this is one of those times.

imagine a small box rotating inside a big box. like, i dunno, gears or something.

use the rotating gears to reel in the string for that KITE, so you don't have to do it by hand.
On: カイ、エ
Kun: え
Most Used: エ
TDR: string + meeting

let’s all meet and look at pictures of string!

A culture’s art is the string that connects people who meet there.

they say that this artist is the shit, but i saw his shit and i was just like, "eh."
foreign, outside, other
On: ガイ、ゲ
Kun: そと、ほか、はずす
Most Used: そと
TDR: evening + toe

the guy stuck his TOE outside of his pants in the evening.
edge, corner, angle, horn
On: カク、カド
Kun: つの、すみ
Most Used: カク、カド
TDR: Fish hook + utilize

If I want to make my cock stand up like a horn, I have to utilize a fish hook. I can’t afford Viagra.
ease, easy, pleasure, joy, comfort, etc.
On: ガク、ラク
Kun: たの(しい)、たの(しむ)
Most Used: たの(しい)
TDR: white + sparkles + big

enjoy the big white sparkles that come with fireworks.

summer was humid as hell so i enjoyed it when it finally GOT COOL.
alive, active, energy, vigor
On: カツ
Kun: いきる
Most Used: カツ
TDR: water + tongue

Let thirsty CATS lick water with their tongue and they will become lively.
between, interval, space, pause, distance
On: カン、ケン
Kun: あいだ、ま
Most Used: あいだ
TDR: gate + sun

KEN lay's prison is so hi-security, it CAN take an interval of up to a sun to go from one gate to the other.
circle, round, whole, full
On: ガン
Kun: まる、まるい、まるめる、たま
Most Used: ?
TDR: nine + one stroke

nine plus one equals ten, which is a ROUND number. sorry, that's the best i can do.

GHANDI had round glasses.