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male, man, men
On: ダン、メン
Kun: おとこ
Most Used: おとこ
TDR: rice field + strong

story: Glen DANzig uses his mighty strength to harvest the rice in the field. While listening to DANzig.
On: チク
Kun: たけ
Most Used: ?
TDR: this is easy to remember because bamboo is pronounced ta-KE. and the kanji is the same as the katakana KE ヶ.
within, inside, middle, medium, center
On: チュウ
Kun: なか
Most Used: なか
TDR: mouth + line

story: your tongue is sticking out the middle of your mouth, and you are CHEWing on it. (FYI you are epileptic)
On: き、チュウ
Kun: むし
Most Used: むし
TDR: middle (中)+ some shit on the bizzotom (guess that is their stinger)

story: put some bugs in the MIDDLE of your mouth and CHEW. Later use their stinger as a toothpick. MMMM!!!

On: テイ、チュウ
Kun: まち
Most Used: まち
TDR: rice field + nail (same ON)

Actually the spike’s real meaning IS “city block” so this is not much of a stretch.

Margaret CHO lives in a neighborhood with lots of rice fields
heaven, sky
On: テン
Kun: あま、あめ、そら
Most Used: テン
TDR: big + the numeral one.

to monotheists, there is only ONE BIG GOD in heaven. And he is always a jealous god who uses his omnipotence to
check up on you to make sure you aren't doing anything with other dieties. If he was a boyfriend, they'd call him
a stalker. I'm just saying.

the Mormons believe in ten heavens.
rice field
On: テン、デン
Kun: た、かい
Most Used: た
TDR: don't worry about the onyomi.
entrance, go in, insert
On: ニュウ、ジュ、ジュウ
Kun: いり、い(る)、い(れる)、はい(る)、しお
Most Used: い(る)
TDR: on story: i take my NEW axe and put it in your left side, you borgeouis pig!!!!

HOW TO TELL THEM APART: in most fonts, the person kanji leans slightly to the right, and the enter kanji leans to
the left.

that's because most people are right-wing bastards, and the bullets of the leftist, glorious people's revolution
will enter the left sides of their heads and possibly chests.
white, innocence
On: ハク、ビャク
Kun: しろ、しろい
Most Used: しろ
TDR: strong onyomi!!!!!!!

sun + a dot

story: RAY is a white cat, but he talks black.

HACK up the white people into pieces!!! dirty swine-eating slave-drivers!
On: ヒャク、ハク
Kun: もも
Most Used: ヒャク
TDR: white + terrorist

there's a hundred white-power terrorists in my backyard! help!
sentence, literature
On: ブン、モン
Kun: あや、ふみ
Most Used: ブン
TDR: beret + crotch

today's assignment; write a sentence about a beret on a crotch.
eight, eighth
On: ハチ
Kun: や、やっつ、よう
Most Used: ハチ
TDR: story: when you gave her eight HATS, SHE was happy.
On: ネン
Kun: とし
Most Used: ネン
TDR: i gotta fuck some bamboo every year (FYI i lost a bet. don't ask)

NEW ONYOMI: from now on, when you see a new kanji whose onyomi is "nen", please use "year" for the mnemonic!
book, counter for long and slender objects
On: ホン
Kun: もと
Most Used: ホン
TDR: TREE + one line.

you can think of that extra line as the FOUNDATION of the tree.
name, famous, fame
On: メイ(famous)、ミョウ
Kun: な(name)
Most Used: な(まえ)(name)、メイ(famous)
TDR: evening + mouth

in the evening, the rapper 's mouth made him famous

you MAY know my name because i am so famous.
On: モク、ボク
Kun: め
Most Used: め
TDR: mouth + 2 lines.

i'm having eye surgery on MOKUyobi (木曜日)?

HOW TO TELL IT APART FROM sun: think of the pupil of the eye as the middle box, and the top and bottom boxes as the "whites of the eye."

winky winky!!!!
stand, stand up
On: リツ
Kun: た(つ)、た(てる)
Most Used: た(つ)
TDR: Beret + ground + two lines

Two worms stand up from the ground, holding the beret aloft.

Stand up and get me someRITZ crackers you lazy sod.
On: リョク、リキ
Kun: ちから
Most Used: ちから
TDR: my REOCCURING dream is so strong, i wake up screaming. With a boner.

strong is SWORD plus the line goes up over the top.

so, we can remember the difference like this: "i got the STRENGTH to lift the sword UP OVER MY HEAD."
woods, bush
On: リン
Kun: はやし
Most Used: はやし
TDR: two trees, smart guy.

in the middle of a small forest, I found a RING.
six, sixth
On: ロク
Kun: むつ、むっつ
Most Used: ロク
TDR: lid + eight.

Your half-elf ranger has 8 hit points. I put a big lid on him and just smoosh him until he only has six left. Stupid half-elf!! Failed your saving throw against big-ass lids again!

some ROCK band all making devil horns and yelling 666.