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1^KeynotesQ: Anxiety about health
KeynotesAns: Kali Arsenicosum
2^KeynotesQ: Fear of heart disease
KeynotesAns: Kali Arsenicosum
3^KeynotesQ: Bruised or hollow sensation in epigastrium
KeynotesAns: Kali Arsenicosum
4^KeynotesQ: Asthma 1-3 A.M.
KeynotesAns: Kali Arsenicosum, Kali carb
5^KeynotesQ: Feels singled out for divine wrath
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
6^KeynotesQ: Excessive Religiosity
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
7^KeynotesQ: Paranoia
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
8^KeynotesQ: Acne
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
9^KeynotesQ: Wringing of the hands, restless
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
10^KeynotesQ: Night terrors
KeynotesAns: Kali Bromatum
11^KeynotesQ: Profuse hemorrhage which is painless
KeynotesAns: Kali Ferrocyanatum
12^KeynotesQ: Warm blooded
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
13^KeynotesQ: Worse at night & 5AM
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
14^KeynotesQ: Allergic Rhinitis
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
15^KeynotesQ: Recurring sinusitis w/pain through face
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
16^KeynotesQ: Goiter
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
17^KeynotesQ: Recurring pneumonia
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
18^KeynotesQ: Severe sciatica worse lying on affected side
KeynotesAns: Kali Iodatum
19^KeynotesQ: Warm blooded (Kali Iodatum)
KeynotesAns: Kali Nitricum
20^KeynotesQ: Desires fat
KeynotesAns: Kali Nitricum
21^KeynotesQ: Asthma 3AM, must sit up
KeynotesAns: Kali Nitricum
22^KeynotesQ: Severe dyspnea unable to drink due to SOB
KeynotesAns: Kali Nitricum
23^KeynotesQ: Mental fatigue
KeynotesAns: Kali Phosphoricum
24^KeynotesQ: Chilly worse cold
KeynotesAns: Kali Phosphoricum
25^KeynotesQ: Worse sex
KeynotesAns: Kali Phosphoricum
26^KeynotesQ: Great depletion
KeynotesAns: Kali Phosphoricum
27^KeynotesQ: HA worse mental exertion
KeynotesAns: Kali Phosphoricum
28^KeynotesQ: Warm blooded (Kali Iod, Kali Nitr)
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
29^KeynotesQ: Better cold and open air
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
31^KeynotesQ: Chronic nasal obstruction
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
32^KeynotesQ: Snoring
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
33^KeynotesQ: Desire sweets and averse eggs
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
34^KeynotesQ: Asthma worse night better open air
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
35^KeynotesQ: Wheezing in chest during sleep, esp in children
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
36^KeynotesQ: Worse sex (Kali's)
KeynotesAns: Agaricus
37^KeynotesQ: Severe low back pain and sciatica (Kali's)
KeynotesAns: Agaricus
38^EssencesQ: Kali Arsenicosum
EssencesAns: Anxiety about health, esp. heart disease
39^EssencesQ: Feeling of being injured or hurt by family
EssencesAns: Kali Bichromicum
40^EssencesQ: Kali Bromatum
EssencesAns: Paranoia, feels singled out for divine wrath
41^EssencesQ: Kali Carbonicum
EssencesAns: Stoical, Rigid, Correctness, Hypersensitivity (SRCH)
42^EssencesQ: Kali Iodatum
EssencesAns: Asthma & Allergies, Harsh temper, Fear of evil (AAHF)
43^EssencesQ: Kali Nitricum
EssencesAns: Warm Respiratory Remedy, Anxiety re health
44^EssencesQ: Kali Phosphoricum
EssencesAns: Exhaustion following periods of mental exertion
45^EssencesQ: Kali Sulphuricum
EssencesAns: Irritable Pulsatilla, Conservative and Rigid (IPCR)
46^SankaranEssencesQ: Danger from outside to group on which he depends
SankaranEssencesAns: Causticum
47^SankaranEssencesQ: Family & group whose support is sought is not be trusted
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Arsenicosum
48^SankaranEssencesQ: Feeling of being hurt, injured by their family
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Bichromicum
49^SankaranEssencesQ: Singled out for divine wrath
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Bromatum
50^SankaranEssencesQ: Feels Danger from his family
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Bromatum
51^SankaranEssencesQ: Vital fear & reactivity when lack support of family
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Carb
52^SankaranEssencesQ: May be betrayed, starved by group or family
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Iodatum
53^SankaranEssencesQ: Disgraced or insulted by one's group or family
SankaranEssencesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
54^FearsQ: Causticum
FearsAns: SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN (#1), Dark, Ghosts, Dogs (SBWH, DGD)
55^FearsQ: Kali Arsenicosum
FearsAns: HEART DISEASE (#1)
56^FearsQ: Kali Carbonicum
FearsAns: Dark, IMPENDING DISEASE, Alone, Ghosts (DIDAG)
57^FearsQ: Kali Nitricum
FearsAns: Narrow spaces (Scholten, HaM, pg. 162)
58^FearsQ: Kali Phosphoricum
FearsAns: Being alone, Disease, Death (BADD) (Scholten, HaM, pg. 102)
59^DelusionsQ: About to commit a crime
DelusionsAns: Kali Bichromicum (2), Kali Bromatum
60^DelusionsQ: Dead child
DelusionsAns: Kali Bichromicum, Kali Bromatum
61^DelusionsQ: Object of god's vengeance
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
62^DelusionsQ: Brother fell overboard in her sight
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
63^DelusionsQ: Impending destruction of all near her
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum (2)
64^DelusionsQ: Thought everything had been experienced before
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
65^DelusionsQ: Danger from his family
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
66^DelusionsQ :As if they would lose their mind
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
67^DelusionsQ: Insulted by boarders in hotel
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
68^DelusionsQ: Parts of body growing too large
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
69^DelusionsQ: Life is threatened
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
70^DelusionsQ: Is swollen before seizure
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
71^DelusionsQ: Money is sewed up in clothing
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
72^DelusionsQ: About to murder husband and child
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum, Jab (Jaborandi)
73^DelusionsQ: Cannot pass a certain point
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum, Argentum Nitricum (2)
74^DelusionsQ: Saw police come into house
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum, Hyoscyamus
76^DelusionsQ: About violence
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
77^DelusionsQ: Mother's house is invaded by lewd women
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum
78^DelusionsQ: Sees figures during sleep
DelusionsAns: Kali Carbonicum
79^DelusionsQ: Abyss behind him
DelusionsAns: Kali Carbonicum
80^DelusionsQ: Whole body hollow
DelusionsAns: Kali Carbonicum (2)
81^DelusionsQ: Neck is too large
DelusionsAns: Kali Carbonicum
82^DelusionsQ: Pigeon flying in room that tries to catch him
DelusionsAns: Kali Carbonicum
83^DelusionsQ: Eat, she must not
DelusionsAns: Kali Muriaticum
84^DelusionsQ: He must starve
DelusionsAns: Kali Muriaticum, Kali-chl (chloricum)
85^FoodCravingsQ: Causticum
FoodCravingsAns: SALTY, BACON, Cheese, Eggs (= good, solid breakfast!)
86^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Bichromicum
FoodCravingsAns: SWEETS
87^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Bromatum
FoodCravingsAns: Chocolate (Scholten, HaM, Pg 209)
88^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Carbonicum
FoodCravingsAns: SWEETS
89^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Iodatum
FoodCravingsAns: Great appetite, Sweets (GAS) (Scholten, HaM, pg. 220)
90^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Muriaticum
FoodCravingsAns: Starch (Scholten, HaM, pg 64)
91^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Nitricum
FoodCravingsAns: FAT
92^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Phosphoricum
FoodCravingsAns: Cold drinks and food, Sweets, Vinegar
93^FoodCravingsQ: Kali Sulphuricum
FoodCravingsAns: Sweet (Scholten, HaM, pg. 81)
94^FoodAversionsQ: Causticum
FoodAversionsAns: SWEETS (#1)
95^FoodAversionsQ: Kali Bichromicum
FoodAversionsAns: Meat (Aurum, Rhus Tox, Tarent)
96^FoodAveresionsQ:Kali Bromatum
FoodAversionsAns: Milk, Onion (Scholten, HaM, pg. 209)
97^FoodAversionsQ: Kali Nitricum
FoodAversionsAns: Veal, Beef (Scholten, HaM, pg. 162)
98^FoodAversionsQ: Kali Phosphoricum
FoodAversionsAns: Salt, Fish (Scholten, HaM, pg. 102)
99^FoodAversionsQ: Kali Sulphuricum
FoodAversionsAns: Eggs (Scholten, HaM, pg. 81)
100^TimeAggQ: Kali Carbonicum
TimeAggAns: 2-4 AM, 2 AM
TimeAggAns: 5:00 A.M.
102^ComplementsQ: Aloe
ComplementsAns: Sulphur, Sepia, Kali Bichromicum
103^ComplementsQ: Kali Bichromicum
ComplementsAns: Arsenicum
104^ComplementsQ: Kali Carbonicum
ComplementsAns: Phos, Nux Vomica, Carbo Vegetabilis
105^ComplementsQ: Kali Sulphuricum
ComplementsAns: Pulsatilla, Carbo Vegetabilis
106^ComplementsQ: Phosphorous
ComplementsAns: Kali Carbonicum, Arsenicum, Nux Vomica, Tuberculinum (KANT)
107^ComplementsQ: Carbo Vegetabilis
ComplementsAns: Ars, Kali Carb, Phos, Drosera, China (Concordant) (AKc PDC)
108^ComplementsQ: Nux Vomica
ComplementsAns: Sulphur, Sepia, Staphysagria, Phosphorus, Kali Carbonicum (SSS PKc)
109^ComplementsQ: Pulsatilla
ComplementsAns: Silica, Lycopodium, Kali Sulphuricum, Fluoricum Acidum, Tuberculinum, Calcarea carbonica (Si-Ly-KaSu FluAc-Tu-Calc)
110^ComplementsQ: Syphilinum
ComplementsAns: Platina, Sulphur, Kali Iodatum, Arsenicum album, Nitricum Acidum, Phytolacca, Aurum metallicum, Mercurius (PS: KAN PAM?)
30^KeynotesQ: Chronic Otitis
KeynotesAns: Kali Sulphuricum
75^DelusionsQ: Accused of robbing
DelusionsAns: Kali Bromatum