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The official colors of the Order are
crimson and old gold
The official flowers of the Order are the
red rose and magnolia
What is the Order’s motto inscribed at the bottom of the Coat of Arms?
Dieu et les Dames
What does our motto mean?
God and the Ladies
Kappa Alpha Order is ______ in organization.
Kappa Alpha Order is ______ in feeling.
What was the month, day, and year KA was founded?
December 21, 1865
At the time of KA’s founding, what was the name of the college where we were founded?
Washington College
What is the name of that institution today?
Washington and Lee University
In what city and state was Kappa Alpha Order founded?
Lexington, VA
What was the first name of Kappa Alpha Order?
Phi Kappa Chi
Give the full names of the four founding fathers of Kappa Alpha Order.
James Ward Wood
Stanhope McClelland Scott
William Nelson Scott
William Archibald Walsh
Who is the Practical Founder of Kappa Alpha Order?
Samuel Zenas Ammen
Who is the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order?
Robert E. Lee
What is the Lexington Triad and who are its members?
first fraternities; founded around Lexington; Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Tau Omega
Your chapter is located in what province?
List the chapters in your province.
Beta Eta- OU
Beta Xi- OSU
Gamma Kappa- OCU
Mu- TU
Who is your chapter’s alumnus advisor?
Rob Ward
Who is your chapter’s faculty advisor?
Roger P. Bey
What is the only committee required by Kappa Alpha Laws, and what does this committee do?
Prudential; finances
______ is a chapter organization for members who have the desire to expand their knowledge of the Kappa Alpha Laws and customs of thevOrder.
Council of Honor
_______ is Kappa Alpha Order’s 4-year total membership development program that centers on leadership, service, academics, ritual, and career based skills.
The Crusade
________ is a province organization that recognizes alumni for distinguished achievement personally or professionally or for exemplary service to KA.
Court of Honor
The sovereignty and legislative authority of Kappa Alpha Order shall be vested in?
___________ is the national president of Kappa Alpha Order.
Knight Commander
Executive Councilors are ______ at Convention.
Title: Knight Commander
Name: Ben W. Satcher, Jr.
Title: Senior Councilor Name: J. Michael Duncan
Title: Executive Councilor
Name: M. Tom Faircloth
Title: Executive Councilor Name: Russell C. Brown
Title: Executive Councilor Name: David M. Odell
Title: Executive Councilor Name: Sam O. Leake, Jr.
Title: Executive Councilor Name: William E. Drier
General officers serve ____- year terms.
The Executive Council is composed of the seven general officers and the _______, who serves as a non-voting member.
national undergraduate chairman
Who is the National Undergraduate Chairman (NUC)?
Rusty English
What body has the most authority in KA?
Who composes the advisory council?
Executive Council, Province Commanders, Chief Alumnus
How are the Number I, II, and III selected for their offices?
How are the Number IV – IX selected for their offices?
appointed by #I
Minor offenses are tried before the
The maximum penalty for a minor offense is a fine of ____ or suspension of ____ months or both.
$100; 3
List five minor offenses as defined by Kappa Alpha Laws.
1-Absence from meeting;
2-neglect of authority;
3-damage to property;
4-improper language/conduct;
5-Failure to meet financial obligations
Major offenses are tried before the ________ or ________.
entire chapter; Executive Council
List five major offenses as defined by KA Laws.
1-Defamation of Order
2-drunkenness at meeting
3-Criminal conduct
5-Willful neglect of financial obligations
Where is the National Administrative Office located (city, state)?
Lexington, VA
Who is the Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Order?
Larry Stanton Wiese
Who is the Executive Director of KAOEF?
Larry Stanton Wiese
What is Kappa Alpha Order’s official website?
What is the telephone number to the National Administrative Office?
What are the responsibilities of a Kappa Alpha Order educational and leadership consultant?
regularly visit chapters to promote scholarship and leadership
The geographic regions that KA is divided into are called?
How many provinces are there in the United States?
NLI stands for
National Leadership Institute
KAOEF stands for
Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation
List five awards given by Kappa Alpha Order.
1-George C. Marshall Award- top one to three chapters in nation
2-Samuel Z. Ammen Award- top 15% of chapters in nation
3-Most Improved Chapter Award- improvement in previous year
4-Outstanding Scholarship Award- academic award
5-MDA Fundraising Award- philanthropy
List four publications of the Order.
Kappa Alpha Journal- alumni magazine
Kappa Alpha Laws- Constitution, bylaws
The Varlet- membership manual
The Shield- risk management newsletter
What does FRMT stand for?
Fraternity Risk Management Trust