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Name the 13 original colonies and each colony's purpose.
RI-religious freedom from MA
CAR (SC, NC)-gold
Before the Europeans made contact in 1492, the Indians had lived in North America and South America for approximately ____________.
35,000 years
At the time of the first European explorations, the number of Indians living in North America was appx. __________.
100 million
The most urban societies in the Americas in 1492 were the ________________ (3).
Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs
The crop that sustained most Indian societies was ___________.
maize (corn)
The first European nation to explore the coast of Africa was _____________.
A lethal disease introduced by the Indians to the Europeans was ___________.
When the Spanish entered Mexico in 1520, the Aztec ruler Montezuma initially allowed them to enter his capital unopposed because _____________.
he believed Cortes was the god, Quetzalcoatl, whose return was expected
As a result of their contrasting histories, one principal difference between Mexican and North American society is that unlike the North Americans, most people in Mexico are of mixed ____________.
European and Indian ancestry.
The first universities in the new world were founded at ___________________ & ______________.
Mexico City and Lima
Besides Spain, the other two European powers to explore North American in the early 1500s were _________ & __________.
England and France
Even before its introduction into the Americas, the institution of African slavery had been widely practiced in ___________
Africa and the Atlantic coastal islands.
The new form of political organization in Spain that possessed the unity and wealth that made possible the age of exploration and discovery was____________.
the modern national state
Most important among the Indian products that the Spanish conquistadores seized for Europe was _______
The first Spanish colonial settlements within the territory that later became part of the US were at: (2)
St. Augustine, FL
Santa Fe, New Mexico
The first European settlers in California were _______________
Spanish Franciscan missionary friars.
England's defeat of the Spanish Armada ______________
helped ensure England's domination of the North Atlantic Ocean
The financial means for England's first permanent colonization in America were provided for ___________
joint stock company
Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and GA were similar in htat they were ALL ___________________.
economically dependent on the export of a staple crop
The guarantee that English settlers in the New World would retain the rights of the Englishmen proved to be ______________.
the foundation for American liberties
The early years at Jamestown resulted in the destruction of soil, a great demand for controlled labor, and soaring prosperity. Name on thing that was NOT a result.
diversification of the colony's economy
The summoning of Virginia's House of Burgesses marked an important precedent because it was the first of many miniature ______________ to convene in America
A major reason for the founding of Maryland was ____________
a refuge for Catholics
At the outset, Lord Baltimore allowed some religious toleration in the Maryland colony because he hoped to secure freedom of worship for his fellow _______________.
The colony of South Carolina prospered by developing close economic ties with the ________________.
British west indies
Some west africans became especially valuable as slaves in the carolinas because they were experienced in _________ cultivation.
North Carolina was primarily settled by
poor farmers from Virginia.
The colony of GA was founded as a ______________ for _____________.
defensive buffer
South Carolina
By 1760, all the southern plantation colonies based their economies on the production of __________ for export, practiced ___________, and provided tax support for the _____________.
staple crops
Church of England
In the puritan doctrine, the elect were those who had been _____________ by God for salvation.
The dominant theological view of the new england puritans derived directly from ___________.
John Calvin
King Charles I contributed to the founding of Massachusetts by persecuting the _____________.
Unlike Separatists, Puritans wanted to remain members of the ____________.
Church of England