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What four genres does TKAM fall into?
southern drama, coming of age, social drama, courtroom drama
When/Where was it written?
mid 1950s NY
When was it published?
Who narrates the story? In what way?
What person is this told in?
What is the tone of the story? Seperate beginning from end.
Childlike, humorous, nostalgic, innocent; as the novel progresses, increasingly dark, foreboding, and critical of society
What tense is the story told in?
tense · Past
What is the time period/setting?
setting (time) · 1933–1935
setting (place) · The fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama
Who is the protagonist?
What is the struggle?
Scout and Jem with childhood innocence and good vs evil
What is the rising action?
Scout and Jem's fascination with Boo; Atticus is assigned to Tom's case
What is the climax?
Tom is found guilty
What is the falling action?
Tom is killed
Bob attacks the children
Boo saves them
What are the themes? (3)
The coexistence of good and evil; the importance of moral education; social class
What are the motifs?
Gothic details, small town life
What are the symbols?
Boo Radley
Name four events of foreshadowing.
The Gothic elements of the novel (the fire, the mad dog) build tension that subtly foreshadows Tom Robinson’s trial and tragic death; Burris Ewell’s appearance in school foreshadows the nastiness of Bob Ewell; the presents Jem and Scout find in the oak tree foreshadow the eventual discovery of Boo Radley’s good-heartedness; Bob Ewell’s threats and suspicious behavior after the trial foreshadow his attack on the children.