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In a saying commonly taught to parrots, who is asked if she “wants a cracker”?
What adjective is often used to describe jobs that require manual labor?
Grunting, hooting, and chest-thumping are common methods of communication for what creatures?
Sailors traditionally call out what warning when someone has fallen into the water?
Man overboard!
Someone who is said to be getting some "shut-eye" is doing what?
What historical figure's name is commonly shouted as a "battle cry" by people jumping from high places?
"Taurus," "Aries" and "Gemini" are three of the twelve possible responses to what cheesy pick-up line?
What's your sign?
According to Emily Post, children should not leave the dinner table until asking “May I please be” what?
By definition, which of these festive events’ attendees keep their faces covered?
Which of these exercises is most similar to a pull-up?
When a person gets unpleasant news, he is often advised, "Don't shoot the" what?
A common piece of advice warns you to "be careful what you wish for" because what?
You just might get it
On their packaging, electronic toys commonly warn parents that what necessary items are "not included"?
What two adjectives are commonly used to describe the two beds that make up bunk beds?
Top and bottom
Which of these common phrases is another way of saying "hurry up"?
Shake a leg
A school district is typically run by an administrator with what title?
In a common children’s chant, what two words traditionally precede the phrase “pants on fire”?
Liar, liar
A photographer who says "Show me your pearly whites!" is asking you to do what?
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are usually referred to as the colors of what?
The rainbow
A student who is favored by a teacher is often given what derogatory label?
Teacher's pet
Which of these verbs has a definition meaning "to give a student a failing grade"?
Most medical school require incoming students to have taken which of these subjects?
100 An attractive person is often said to be “easy on the” what?
What cable channel regularly replays episodes of “The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital”?
In a successful ad campaign, the city of Las Vegas reminds misbehaving visitors that "what happens here" does what?
Stays here
The English king Richard I got his nickname, Richard the Lion-Hearted, because he was exceptionally what?
Someone who is the center of public attention is said to be "in the" what?
Skiplanes are aircraft specifically equipped to land on what surface?
In a bill passed by the U.S. Senate in May 2006, what language was unsurprisingly voted as the "national language" of the United States?
According to a popular religious saying, "The Lord giveth, and the Lord" what?
Taketh away
In the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairy tale, which bear’s porridge was too hot?
Papa Bear
When lightning strikes one mile away, what natural event typically occurs about five seconds later?
A clap of thunder
The street sign "PED XING" warns drivers that pedestrians may be doing what in the road?
On a standard clock face, what time is it if both the hour and minute hands are pointing straight up?
According to traditional etiquette, a woman should respond to a man's bow with what polite gesture?
Which of these classic toys is designed to spin rapidly on a flat surface?
A person who overcomes bashfulness is said to have "come out of his" what?
Passed in several communities, "leash laws" are specifically directed at people who have their own what?
According to a well-known proverb, "time" accomplishes what comforting task?
Heals all wounds
"I'll wash and you dry" is a phrase people commonly use when sharing what household chore?
Cleaning the dishes
Only half a millimeter in thickness, GLAD Cling Wrap is made of what material?
Clear plastic
Sir Mick Jagger was officially knighted in 2003 "for services to" what art form?
Popular music
What kind of chips are traditionally served with salsa?
Tortilla chips
Public restrooms often have stations designed for parents to deal with what baby-related chore?
Changing diapers
When playing with an infant, what phrase do parents commonly say after exclaiming "Peek-a-boo!"?
I see you!
In pirate lore, X marks the spot on a map where adventurers can discover what?
Buried treasure
LA's claim to fame as one of the U.S.'s smoggiest cities is largely due to emissions from what?
By definition, a "name-dropper" seeks to impress others by frequently mentioning the names of whom?
Famous people
In a dictionary the term "bedroom eyes" is commonly given which of these definitions?
Sexy look
In order to minimize body impressions, which of these household items should be rotated regularly?
By definition, which of these terms refers to a person with whom someone once had a passionate relationship?
Old flame
Which of these organizations is considered one of our country's "armed forces"?
US Marine Corps
What upbeat advertising icon is an oversized beverage pitcher with a tendency to smash through walls?
Kool-Aid Man
According to a well-known phrase, a person who is extremely excited is said to be feeling "as high as a" what?
Homeowners buy surge protectors to protect their possessions from unexpected surges of what?
Electric current
According to a popular phrase, an unlikely event is predicted to occur "when hell" does what?
Freezes over
By definition, a "birdbrain" is a person who has which of the following attributes?
"Gold digger" is an unflattering label for a person who gets into a relationship for what foolish reason?
A person who is "flapping his gums" is doing what incessantly?
"A bottle of white, a bottle of red" is the first line of the aptly-titled Billy Joel song "Scenes From" what place?
An Italian Restaurant
According to a well-known saying, "two wrongs don't make a" what?
An actor who receives a "callback" has been asked to do what for a second time?
Audition for a role
Which of these sound effects is usually associated with the sound made by a cash register?
What great American is often referred to as the "father of our country"?
George Washington
In hotel lingo, a room with two beds is usually called a what?
Each year, approximately 800,000 Americans seek medical attention for bites from what household pets?
A person typically calls out "heads" or "tails" when participating in what activity?
Flipping a coin
According to legend, the Himalayas are home to a tall freakishly hairy creature called the "abominable" what?
Due to the geographical areas they represented, the opposing sides of the U.S. Civil War were known by what names?
The North and the South
Which of these traditional Native American structures is usually made from blocks of packed snow?
What adjective is commonly used to refer to a type of exam in which students can refer to their notes?
A very thin person is said to be "nothing but skin and" what?
Which of these quotations refers to a famous 1836 battle that took place in Texas?
Remember the Alamo!
At a 2003 MTV awards show, Britney Spears shared a now-infamous onstage kiss with what well-known diva?
Which of these 2005 movies depicts aliens attacking Earth?
War of the Worlds
In reference to his countless bestsellers, prolific novelist Stephen King is nicknamed the "Master of" what?
In the 1990s, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti formed what famous trio?
The Three Tenors
In 1987 U2 spent 17 weeks on the Billboard charts with the song "I Still Haven't Found" what?
What I'm Looking For
Launched in the U.S. in 1998, a best-selling series of hit-packed CDs is titled "Now That's What I Call" what?
In a classic movie musical, a plucky nun named Maria sings, "The hills are alive with the sound of" what?
In the 1997 film "Volcano," Tommy Lee Jones tries to save Los Angeles before the city is inundated with what?
College students are often said to be "cramming" when preparing for what?
Final exams
By definition, a co-ed institution is open to whom?
Both men and women
At college, students traditionally hoard rolls of quarters for which of these necessities?
Doing Laundry
At commencement, students are traditionally called up one-by-one to receive their what?
Whose signature is often found on a college diploma?
School president
Which of these school examinations usually does not require the use of paper or writing materials?
Oral exam
A student who has "maxed out" his parents' credit cards has done what?
Used up all the credit
Which of these phrases usually precedes the playful warning "Don't let the bedbugs bite"?
Good night
As a sign of commitment to their chosen calling, who are commonly required to take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?
In chess, which of the following is usually spoken to indicate the end of a game?
According to a well-known saying, "A good man is hard to" what?
Which of theswe comic book heroes appropriately wears a red, white and blue costume?
Captain America
What nonsense word ends the common cheer that begins, "hip, hip"?
A toddler is commonly placed in a booster seat while engaged in what activity?
A door that reads "push" on one side typically has what command on the opposite side?
When acccepting returned merchandise, a store clerk often asks for what type of documentation?
Characterized by anxiety and insecurity, men suffering from "male menopause" are typically in what stage of life?
Middle age
At a high school, which of these rooms is typically off limits to students?
Teachers' lounge
By definition, a justice of the peace is an official authorized to do which of the following?
Perform marriages
By definition, what type of entertainers do not speak during a performance?
Which of these annual competitions traditionally awards a jewel-encrusted crown to its winner?
Miss America Pageant
Which of these creatures is commonly given the command "giddy-up" to get it to move faster?
Leonardo da Vinci's classic fresco "The Last Supper" depicts a famous scene from what source?
The Bible
What question often appears on the rear of a commercial vehicle so that, if needed, other drivers can report it?
How's my driving?
A common way of sweetly asking a person for a favor is to say "pretty please, with a cherry " where?
In the famous Tweety Bird saying, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat," the term "puddy tat" refers to what irksome creature?
A cat
People often use the phrase "all thumbs" to describe a person who is what?
A newly purchased automobile with numerous defects is commonly known as a what?
Which of the following phrases is a common way of saying "You were right and I was wrong"?
I stand corrected
Someone who needs to keep a secret is often told that "mum's the" what?
Which of these animal-inspired adjectives means "immense" or "massive"?
A person who is called a "spring chicken" is being described as what?
A person who is extremely smart is often jokingly said to have what brainy job title?
Which of these phrases is commonly used to tell someone that it's time to go to bed?
Lights Out
Someone who says things just to make you angry is said to be "pushing your" what?
TTFN, which means "ta ta for now," is common Internet shorthand for what?
Good bye
Which of these French phrases best describes someone who is completely unclothed?
au naturel
In the military, a superior officer is traditionally greeted with what respectful gesture?
A salute
According to a popular saying, "truth is stranger than" what?
Illusionists often remind their audiences that "the hand is quicker than" what?
The eye
Because it is a central component of many diets, which of these basic foods is often referred to as the "staff of life"?
Which of these phrases is commonly used to refer to someone who has a lot of power and influence?
Mover and shaker
Enacted by many states, Clean Indoor Air Acts restrict which of these frowned-upon activities?
In the '60s and '70s, the U.S. experienced a drastic relaxation in standards of romantic behavior known as what?
The sexual revolution
The American Dental Association recommends that people replace what at least every three to four months?
On a party invitation, what phrase often indicates a formal dress code?
Black tie
What modern convenience has the primary function of dispensing money?
A teen who has "broken curfew" has committed which of these acts?
Stayed out too late
In reference to a memorable phrase from the ceremony, wedding vows are commonly known as what?
I dos
Students who misbehave in class are traditionally sent to what dreaded location as punishment?
Principal's office
In ancient Rome, gladiators typically fought where?
In a arena
Chuck Yeager became the first person to break the sound barrier in 1947 using what mode of transportation?
The tiny wrinkles that form around the corners of eyes are called what?
Crow's feet
According to a common myth, you can hear the ocean if you hold what up to your ear?
A person who assists a touring rock band with their equipment is called a what?
For security purposes, airport personnel often ask travelers what question about their luggage?
Did you pack your own bags?
People often encourage others to stop talking by saying "bite your" what?
According to legend, King Arthur met at his storied Round Table with a fellowship of what noble men?
According to a well known piece of advice, "if you want something done right, you have to" what?
Do it yourself
People playing "tonsil hockey" are doing what?
In the U.S., millions of chocolates are sold each year in Valentine's Day boxes shaped like what?
In the classic kids' story "The Three Little Pigs," what adjectives are used to describe the villainous wolf?
Big, bad
In the book of Genesis, who is Adam referring to when he says "She shall be called Woman"?
"Batter up!" is an exclamation commonly associated with what sport?
What national park's Web site includes a confession that the park's name sounds "forbidding and gloomy"?
Death Valley
During Fleet Week, many U.S. coastal cities host thousands of what uniform-clad professionals?
Navy sailors
According to an old saying that promotes cheerfulness, the body uses more muscles to frown than it does to do what?
Popular in the 1950's, a "drive-in" is an establishment people typically visit to do what?
Peanut butter is commonly sold in two varieties, creamy and what?
A crime that is easily solved is commonly described as being what kind of "case"?
In a famous Shakespeare scene, what creatures chant "Double, double, toil and trouble" over a bubbling cauldron?
An unprepared person placed in a difficult situation is said to have been "thrown" to what animals?
The question "Why the long face?" is typically directed at whom?
A person who looks sad
According to a well-known proverb, "when life hands you lemons," you should do what?
Make lemonade
A classic Aesop fable that warns about the evils of misleading the public is called "The Boy Who Cried" what?
Which of these soups typically contains pieces of pasta that are shaped like letters?
Alphabet soup
In a criminal trial, juries are usually asked to choose between what two verdicts?
Guilty and "not guilty"
A person who is darning a pair of socks is doing what to them?
On the day of the wedding, it is considered bad luck for the groom to see whom before the ceremony?
The bride
To determine where they should be seated, arriving wedding ceremony guests are often asked what question?
Bride or groom?
At a wedding, what is the name for the period during which pre-dinner drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served?
Cocktail hour
The car that whisks newlyweds away from the reception traditionally features a sign with what phrase?
Just Married
At a wedding service, the minister traditionally begins with which of these greetings?
Dearly beloved
A wedding invitation that includes a "plus one" allows the invitee to do what?
Bring a guest
At wedding receptions, the bride and groom traditionally kiss when guests do what to their champagne glasses?
clink together (check)
In a common phrase, which of the following is described as being cold and hard?
"Say cheese!" is a familiar phrase used by photographers to encourage their subjects to do what?
According to a classic Frank Sinatra song, what two things "go together like a horse and carriage"?
Love and marriage
At New Year's Eve parties, what to partygoers often chant during the waning seconds before midnight?
5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
In a classic nursery rhyme, who is irreparably damaged after having "a great fall"?
Humpty Dumpty
May I cut in? is a polite request traditionally made when interrupting a couple doing what?
What creatures are the stars of "Meow Mix House," a 2006 reality series on Animal Planet?
A classic Aesop's fable involving a helpful mouse teaches that "good things come in" what?
Small packages
Because it would pose a threat to children, which of these is not commonly found in a petting zoo?
In "The Wizard of Oz," a bewildered Dorothy tells Toto, "I have a feeling we're not in" what place "anymore"?
Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Judd Nelson belonged to a youthful group of 1980s actors known by what name?
Brat Pack
In the 1956 movie "Moby Dick," Captain Ahab's dying words are "I spit my last breath at thee, thou damned" what?
In "Top Gun," Tom Cruise plays a daredevil pilot who memorably rhymes, "I feel the need...the need for" what?
Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson learn the joys of parenting in the 1987 comedy "Three Men and a" what?
Which of these gadgets is often equipped with a mute button?
TV remote
In 1621, native Americans shared their first Thanksgiving feast with whom?
According to a common proverb, which of the following can't you do with your cake?
Have it and eat it, too
Has she had work done? is often asked about a celeb who may have had what?
Plastic surgery
Staring contests are simple competitions in which two participants wait for the other person to do what first?
Which of these signs would most likely be posted at an express checkout line in a supermarket?
Ten items or fewer
In a 1982 song, the forward-thinking Prince declared he was going to do what "like it's 1999"?
Gardenburger is a popular grocery store brand that specializes in what particular type of food?
In the 19th century, Buffalo Bill Cody created a popular show that celebrated the romance of what American region?
The Wild West
A student who does extremely well on an exam is said to have passed it with what?
Flying colors
We all fall down! is the last line of what well-known children's song?
Ring around the Rosie
What creature makes use of the two-piece hyoid bone located in its throat to produce a mighty roar that can be heard for miles?
Which of these phrases commonly describes a jury that has not yet reached a decision?
The jury's still out
In high school, a student who ranks "first in her class" gets that honor for which of these accomplishments?
Receiving good grades
When swearing to tell the truth in court, a witness traditionally does what?
Raises his right hand
In the Bible, Moses famously leads his people out of Egypt by doing what to the Red Sea?
Parting it