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Honor & Love rules, no tyranny. Investigate Deeds.
Authorities are God’s ministers, fear or man is to follow law
Obedience takes precedence over truth. Laws evolve and are suspect when unwilling to be examined
Can’t fight back. Caesar and coin – jesus was saying give to them which they created, cannot give church to emperor
Christ’s laws not to overthrow political arrangements. Authority comes from god, but not to specific individuals. King cannot take priest’s job
can you permit the killing of an attacker? What is permitted in regular life may be punished in heaven. Follow commandments still, distinct from sacraments. Military service OK and war for peace OK
Know your own job, priests are not kings and vice versa
Laws against heretics

& holy scripture at bench
Gregory I
Must not fear to use rules against people. Kings are equal in position to people, rule over vices not people
Gregory VII
Rule is subject to the judgement of priests. Glory vs. Welfare, popes are pius (king henry)
John of Salisbury
universal and public welfare / organic polimetaphor
– the fall – virtuous conduct, evolution of laws in religion. Types of law: Benefifical/Harm/Convienent Laws directly opposed to religion gone, but none other. Believes in Just war. Laws are indespinable, dispensible or can be set aside.
1. Is law reasonable? 2. Common good? 3. Competant? Promulgation?
William of Ockham
Bestowed from God in three ways. Pope is spiritual only. Gospels decreased obligations because people cannot endure burden
John Fortesure
Kingsips for ambition are unjust Law of nations / Custom. Power instituted by law of nature. Spoiled by sin. Law of nations did not exist before nations, but the law did.
Martin Luther
God wants laws upheld but not necessarily with same punishment. “Real Christians” Punish neighbor for his good. Must risk own soul in believing in religion
Francisco de Vittoria
Royal power comes from God
Philipp Melanchthon
Three types of law, 1. Virtue 2. Church 3. Civil 3 uses of law. Right to property, not poverty
John Calvin
Observations use or omit. More guidelines, more guilt. Ask what is in accordance w god’s will
Francisco Suarex
Nat law, law of nations?
Johannes Althusius
Associations, Ephors