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los síntomas y las enfermedades
symptoms and illnesses
las alergias
the allergies
el dolor de cabeza
the headache
el dolor de garganta
the sore throat
la infección de oído
the ear infection
la herida
the wound
las náuseas
the nausea
la tos
the cough
los accidentes
the accidents
to fall
chocar con el coche
to have a car accident
to cut (one's head, arm...)
to faint
to hit (one's head, arm...)
to get injured
to slip
to break (one's arm, leg...)
to sprain
remedios y tratamientos
remedies and treatments
caminar con muletas
to walk with crutches
to put a cast on
guardar cama
to stay in bed
poner gotas
to put drops
poner una inyección
to give an injection
poner puntos
to put stitches
poner una venda
to put a bandage
recetar pastillas
to prescribe pills
recetar un jarabe
to presribe a cough syrup
sacar radiografías
to take X-rays
partes del cuerpo
parts of the body
el dedo
the finger
la muñeca
the wrist
el ojo
the eye
el oído
the inner ear
el pecho
the chest
el tobillo
the ankle
actividades para estar sano y en forma
activities to stay healthy and in shape
comer alimentos sanos
to eat healthy food
evitar los antojitos
to avoid snacks
tener una dieta equilibrada
to have a balanced diet
¿Qué le dices cuando está enfermo?
What do you say to him when he's ill?
espero que te recuperes pronto
I hope that you get well soon.
me algegra de que no sea grave
I'm glad that it's not serious
que te mejores
get well!
siento que te encuentres mal
I'm sorry that you are not well.