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SCC of esophagus
smoking, alcohol, and spicy foods
adult parvovirus infection
arthralgias and arthritis, no rash usually, symmetric joints 3-4 weeks post exposure
fibroblastic-like cells in a storiform pattern
dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, a slow growing fibrosarcoma
horn cells
seborrheic keratosis
pautrier microabscesses
mycosis fungoides
sawtooth dermal/epidermal junction
lichen planus
arterial supply to distal lesser curvature of stomach
right gastric
ZES postprandial gastrin change
don’t expect much of an increase in gastrin levels
psoas action at hip
neisseria and chlamydia
induce endocytosis
might increase INR from warfarin
urinary tract analgesic that changes color of urine to orange/red
friedrich's ataxia sites
spinocerebellar tracts, CST, posterior columns
retropharyngeal space
fascial plane between buccopharyngeal fascia and prevertebral fasciea, allows spread of infections between neck and thorax
aspirin and uric acid
causes uric acid levels to increase
nutmeg liver
chronic CHF
male pseudohermaphrodite
XY but look femaie
female pseudohermaphrodite
XX bu look male
rapidly progressive GN
membranoproliferative GN
tram track and thickening of the glomerular capillary walls
juvenile polyposis and peutz jeghers
polyps don’t predispose to cancer
osteosarcoma in pagets
usually jaw pelvis or femur
only antidiuretic that acts upstream of macula densa
acetazolamide, and therefore increases NaCl at MD and increases afferent arteriole constriction
most common cause of death in preeclampsia
cerebral hemorrhage and ARDS
fibroelastic hyperplasia
reduplication of the elastic lamina and fibrosis of the media secondary to HTN
sciatic nerve
common peroneal and tibial nerves
WASP protein function
participates in the reorganiation of the hematopoietic cell cytoskeleton in response to external stimuli
trisomy 8
some cases of olfactory neuroblastoma
direct thrombin inhibitors
lepirudin, bivalirudin, other derivatives of hirudin
amyloid in the thyroid
medullary thyroid carcinoma
both mutations in dystrophin, worse mutations in DMD
laminin deficiency
x linked emery-dreifuss Muscular dystrophy
emerin deficiency
AD emery deridfuss MD
how to see keyser fleischer ring
slit lamp examination of the eyes
excessie bleeding, HSM, pancytopenia, markedly enlarged cells containing a fine fibrillar materil resmebling tissue paper in BM, deficiency in beta D glucosidase
most common site of oral SCC
floor of the mouth>tip of tongue>hard palate>base of tongue
zn finger trx factor, "housekeeping" gene
four areas where 15-17 year old can make decision without parental notification
STD tx, substance abuse tx, birth control, prenatal care
mercaptopurine activation
by HGPRT, allopurinol raises 6-MP levels
estrogen antagonist to treat breast cancer
desensitization procedures with allergy
goal: promote Th1 response and therefore IFN-gamma to shut off the Th2 response
Wermer syndrome
Sipple syndrome
neurosyphilis: PARESIS
personality, affect, hyperactive reflexes, eyes (pupils), sensorium defects, intellectual decline, speech deficiency
increased risk thyroid lymphoma
hashimotos (by 60-80x)
homogentisate oxidase
role in tyrosine catabolism pathway
uniformly firm thyroid gland, anti thyroid peroxidase or antithryoglobulin Ab
autoimmune HA in SLE
warm agglutinin (IgG)
renal cell CA and renal transplant
associated with PV
analysis of variants
1 nominal (2 or more groups) 1 interval
Chi square
2 nominal
matched pairs t-test
1 nominal (2 matched troups) 1 interval
math liit review
pearson correlation coefficient
2 interval
pooled t test
1 nominal (2 groups) 1 interval
tings counted in groups or categories
data measured along a dimension graded in equal intervals
widal test
diagnose typhoid fever
watson-Schwartz test
detect pophobilinogen in urine and diagnose porphyria
woellner enzyme test
heterophil antibodies in patients with EBV
dorsal scapular nerve
rhomboid innervation
medial pectoral nerve
minor and major pectoralis
lateral pectoral nerve
major pectoralis
suprascapular nerve
supraspinatus and infraspinatus
contraindicated in people with bowel obstructin
anything that stimulates intestinal tract (such as metoclopramide)
giardia look
"face-like" appearance, often times look crescent shaped
desquamative inerstitial penumonitis (DIP)
idiopathic process relatd to idiopathic interstitial fibrosis, lamellar bodies in macrophages contain surfactant
ADCC cells
nk cells, only kill body cells that are coated with antibody
LAK cells
NK cells that have been activated with IL-2, considered superactivated NK cells
charcot leyden crystals
derived from enzymes present in eosinophils
tartrate-tessitant acid phosphatase
hairy cell leukemia
red cell survival measure
major blood supply to intercostals in coarctation
anterograde flow though the intercostal artery via the subclavian artery
systemic amyloidosis
chronic hemodialysis
beta 2 microglobulin
cardiomyopathic hereditary forms
neuropathic hereditary syndromes
local amyloidosis
senile cardiac
atrail natriuretic peptide-related fibrils
vomiting center
floor of the 4th ventricle, vagal afferents receive and send info to the lateral reticular formation in the medullam (vomiting center)
floor of 3rd ventricle
XR of rickets
bony changes at lower ends of radius and ulna, diaphyseal ends become fuzzy, cup shaped and may develop spotty rarefaction
growth plate
epiphyseal plate
between diaphysis and epiphysis
median nerve
Opponens pollicis, abductor pollicis brevis, flexor pollicis brevis, first two lumbricles
bubbly meconinum
meconium ileus when there is bowel obstruction without apparent reason
vitalline duct
embryologically connects the developing gut to the yolk sac
example: mutation carriers or Rb gene get multiple different types of cancers
resistance to quinolones
chromosomally encoded, mutation in structural genes for DNA gyrase and topoisomerase
topoisomerase II inhibit
topoisomerase IV (gyrase) inhibit
oneiroid state
dreamlike state seen in mostly schizophrenic patients
treatment of HTN in diabetics
ACE inhibitors since they have been shown to slow the progression of renal disease
thiazide diuretic
direct acting vasodilater for severe refractory HTN, opens Katp channels leading to arteriolar vasodilation and hyperpolarization of pancreatic beta cells and subsequent decreased release of insulin
"pearly papules"
basal cell carcinoma - would expect to see palisading nuclei
molluscum contagiosum
poxvirus, see viral cytoplasmic inclusions
acute salicylate poisoning
causes acute respiratory alkalosis via stimulation of respiratory centers, initial response often followed by metabolic acidosis
therapy for phobia - progressive steps starting with least fearful
don’t pay attention to a whining kid and try to extinguish the behavior
operant conditioning
increase likelihood of a response by reinforcement (reward desired behavior)
radial traction of airways in restrictive disease
bowen's disease vs SCC
SCC will be frankly invasive
seborrheic keratoses
middle-old aged people, bening growths that histologically show hyperplasia of epidermis
verruca vulgaris
common wart
DNA polymerase proofreading direction
3' to 5' exonuclease activity
chronic granulomatous disease of upper airway, caused by klebsiella rhinoscleromatis, see epistaxis nasal deformity and destruction of nasal cartilage, fibrotic stage of sclerosis and fibrosis, see histiocytes containing K. rhinoscleromatis = Mikulicz cells, treatment of choice tetracycline
shrinking of nucleus and basophilia from DNA condensation
nuclear breakdown
nuclear dissappearance
temporal lobe under the tentorium
uncal herniation --> compression of CN III especially peripheral part of CN III (parasympathetic), leads to mydriasis then loss of the pupillary light reflex, followed by loss of ability to follow flashlight
peripheral vs central CN III
peripheral is parasympathetic, central is sympathetic
tonsillar herniation into the foramen magnum
can compress medulla causing respiratory failure and death
upward herniation of cerebellum
posterior fossa lesion
herniation of the medially located cingulate gyrus under the falx cerebri
subfalcine / cingulate herniation - cerebral hemisphere expansion and can compress anterior cerebral artery
muscle innervated by CN VII that can lead to excessive saliva accumulation between cheek and teeth when paralyzed
bruton agammaglobulinemia
recurrent respiratory infections caused by pyogenic organisms
lyme disease arthritis HLA
increased synthesis of urea
severe burns and prolongued high fever
site of dorsalis pedis pulse
between extensor hallucis longus tendon and extensor digitorum longus
found in bee venom causes mast cell degranulation
things that cause mast cell degranulation
physical injury, heat, cold, type 1 hypersensitivity, C3a, C5a, proteins from leukocytes, substance p, mellitin
eosinophil chemotactic factor-A
multiple substances preformed in mast cells that would be released at site of bee sting
may also get hepatic fibrosis with HTN and splenomegaly
spontaneous abortion association with bacteria
listeria tx: iv amp or penicillin, maybe with AG; brucella
origin of right atrial myxoma
sinus venosus (which gives rise to smooth atria, coronary sinus, oblique vein)
slow developing testicular enlargement
syphilis, also see perivascular cuffing of lymphocytes and plasma cells, testis usually involved before epididymis, may see gummas
SVC syndrome
bronchiogenic carcinomas (small cell and SCC) account for 80%