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Blank Verse
An unrhymed verse in iambic pentameter.
Iambic Pentameter
A line of poetry that contains 5 iambs, or pairs of syllables that contain 1 unstressed and 1 stressed syllable, in that order.
Contains at least one stressed syllable and one or more unstressed syllable.
5 iambs in a line of poetry.
End Stopped Lines
Lines that end with punctuation.
Run-on Lines
Lines that do not end with punctuation marks.
Old-fashioned plays that are no longer used, with the exception of for education.
The Shakespearean term meaning "fever".
The Shakespearean term meaning "A call to arms".
The Shakespearean term meaning "if".
The Shakespearean term meaning "From time to time".
The Shakespearean term meaning "Flattering".
The Shakespearean term meaning "Here".
The Shakespearean term meaning "Where".
The Shakespearean term meaning "There".
The Shakespearean term meaning "Hurry".
The Shakespearean Term meaning "Servent, or a person of humble birth".
The Shakespearean Term meaning "A mild oath".
The Shakespearean term meaning "More, as in size".
The Sheakespearean term meaning "Pray to thee, or beg of thee".
The Shakespearean Term meaning "A small amount".
Julius Caesar
The victorious leader of Rome, it is the fear that he may become King and revoke privileges of men like Cassius that leads to his death at the hands of Cassius, Brutus and their fellow conspirators on the "ides of March".
Octavious Casear
The adopted son of Caesar, Octavious by history, ultimately became ruler of the Roman Empire following his defeat of Mark Antony in Egypt.
Mark Antony
One of the Triumvirs (leaders) who rule Rome following Caesar's assassination. Mark Antony is famous in the play for his speech, which turns the Romans against Brutus following his group's assassination of Caesar.
M. Aemilius Lepidus
The last of the Triumvirs, this old man holds little real power and is used in Mark Antony's own words as a loyal, trusted man.
A well-known orator (public speaker) and Senator, Cicero is killed by the Triumvirs following Caesar's assassination.
A Senator who travels with Caesar to the Senate House the day that Caesar is killed, he witnesses Caesar's assassination. Though deeply "confounded" or confused and shaken by the assassination of Caesar, he is used by Brutus to tell the citizens of Rome that Caesar aside, no one else will be hurt.
Popilius Lena
The Senator who terrifies Cassius by telling Cassius that he hopes his "enterprise today may thrive", or be successful just as Caesar goes into the Senate house on the "ides of March".
Marcus Brutus
The most complex charecter in this play, Burtus is one of the men who assassinate Carsar in the Senate. Brutus is complex, because he does not kill Caesar for greed, envy, nor to preserve his social position like so many of the other conspirators against Caesar.
One of the original conspirators against Caesar. LIke the other conspirators he fears what life under Kind Caesar's rule could mean for him and the privileges he has. Unlike the other conspirators however, Cassius plays a leading role in Caesar's assassination.
One of the conspirators against Caesar, he starts the actual assassination of Caesar by stabbing him first from behind.
The only conspirator who does not actually stab Caesar, he is the man responsible for saving Mark Antony's life following Caesar's assassination. He leads Mark Antony away from the Senate house following the assassination and he backs up Brutus' suggestion that Mark Antony's life be spared.
The reluctantly assassin, Caius Ligarius at first hesitates in killing Caesar, but later enthusiastically follows the others in killing Caesar after Brutus restores his conviction.
Matellus Cimber
A conspirator against Caesar, it is his petition or request to Caesar for his brother's banishment to be overturned, that allows the conspirators to move close to Caesar, before the assassinate him with multiploe stab wounds.
A conspiratoe against Caesar, who plays a key role in enlisting Brutus to their cause. It is Cinna who suggests to Cassius that Brutus join their conspiracy. Also assists Cassius' manipulation of Brutus by placing Cassius' letters responsible for manipulating Brutus where he knows Brutus will find and read them. Indirectly responsible for Cinna, the poet's death since it is he that the mob wanted to kill.