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Who is this?--- Ruler of Rome; Husband of Calpurnia; Victorious over Pompey
Julius Caesar
Who all warned Caesar about his death?
Soothsayer, priests, Artemedoris, and Calpurnia
In Shakesperes play, he is killed at the capital. Where was he TRUELY killed?
Theater of Pompey
How long is the actual course of events?
Three years
Who is this?--- Believed infertile by Caesar; Not seen after assassination
Who is this?--- Roman politician; noble; leads conspiracy
Who is the cousin of Brutus?
Who is the wife of Brutus?
Who commits suicide with hot coals?
Who is the first to stab Caesar? and the last?
Casca; Brutus
Et tu Brute?- What does it mean, who said it, and significance.
And you, Brutus?; Caesar said it; the line right before Caesar died. He was holding up, and then when he saw his best friend, he gave up and died.
Who is this?--- Caesar's ally; Reputation as a reveler; Turns crowd against Caesar.
Mark Antony
2nd Triumvirate? WHO
Octavius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Lepidus
Grand-nephew of Caesar; takes Brutus' followers into his own service
Octavius Caesar. (In history called Caesar Augustus.)