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two celebrations that were taking place at the beginning of the play
festival of lupercal and caesar's return from killing pompey's sons
why was marullus upset about the workmen's presence in the streets
because the crowd was fickle
why was flavius fearful of caesar's popularity
because he threatens the republic if he becomes king
what was the soothsayer's warning to caesar?
beware the ides of march
what does brutus say in response to cassius's suggestion that he is not himself lately
he admits to some internal conflict
what lines prove brutus is a noble man
" i love the name of honor more than i fear death"
what incident does cassius relate to brutus to explain caesar's physical weaknesses
caesar almost drowning and his fever
what is cassius's opinion on fate
man creates his own fate
how does brutus describe the appearance of the people in caesar's procession
they look like solid followers
what is caesar's opinion of cassius
he's dangerous
what physical infirmities does caesar have
deaf in one ear
what does casca say happened when antony offered caesar the crown/ how many times did he offer him the crown
he fainted and foamed at the mouth/ 3 times
when caesar gained consciousness he says to blame- for anything he said or done wrong
what lines prove that cassius is considering tryin to trick brutus?
when he writes the letters in different handwritings
what explanation does casca give for the foul weather
bad omens
what does cassious say he will do if caesar becomes king
commit suicide
why according to cassius is caesar able to become so powerful
rome allowed him to be
what lines prove that cassius is planning some kind of plot
he's gone to noble romans with his plans
who according to cinna do the conspirators wish to include in the plot
who is involved in the conspiracy so far
cassius,casca,decius,cinna,metellus,cimber,trebonus,brutus and ligarius
what does brutus say has been happening to him since cassius first told him of the plot
he hasnt been able to sleep
why did brutus join the conspiracy
for the general good
what must the conspirators do to conceal their plot
smile and be friendly
cassius's suggestions that brutus doesn't want to go along with
swear an oath/include cicero/kill antony
what is decius do to accomplish his task
use flattery
what does the servant say the priest found when he offered a sacrifice
an animal with no heart
how does calpurnia try to persuade caesar not to go to the capitol/what does she tell him
she tells him of bad dreams, she loves giving birth in the street,romans bathing in blood from caesar's statue
what are 3 things he tells caesar
senators mean to crown him king/calpurnia's dream has been misinterpreted/should he tell the senate caesar's afraid?
scold cobbler for not being in special clothes
shoemaker and a bungler
sterile/does wahtever caesar wants
hits calpurnia on thigh
orcale/fortune teller
brutus's wife
greek/not in the conspiracy
honor good, wife is portia, ladder analogy
conspirator, portia's brother, sneaky and tricky
relates caesar's flaws/tempts gods/saw sketchy people
last to join
used flattery to get caesar to the senate
carried the letters to brutus
tribunes/exiled/convo with the cobbler
flavius and marullus
had the list of names
fortune teller
bad dreams/caesar's wife/barren
stoic/stabs her thigh/asks what's wrong with brutus/brutus's harlot
portia's father/stoic
tells caesar to pretend to be sick
where something is in the wrong time period
ides of march
march 15
"You blocks, you stones, you worse that senseless things!...Knew you not Pompey? Many a time and off have you climbed up to wall and battlements, To towers and windows..
marcellus to crowd
than that poor brutus, with himself at war forgets the shows of love to other men
brutus to caesar
for let the gods so speed me as i love the name of honor more than i fear death
brutus to cassius
and this man is now become a god and i am a wretched creature and must bend my body if he carelessly but nod on me
cassius to brutus
no caesar hath it not. but you and i honest- we have the falling sickness
cassius to casca
to touch- for our elders say the barren touched in this holy chase shake off the sterile curse
caesar to antony/ touch calphurnia
and since you know you cannot see yourself so well as by reflection i your glass will modestly discover to yourself that of yourself which.......
cassius to brutus/be brutus's mirror
he should not humor me. i will this night in several hands in at his window throw
cassius to brutus
i have moved already some certain of the noblest -minded romans to undergo with me an enterprise.....
cassius to casca
ye gods it doth amaze me a man of such a feeble temper should so get the start of the majestic world and bear the palm alone
cassius to brutus
as they pass by pluck-by the sleeve and he will after his sour fashion tell you what hath proceeded worthy note today
cassius to brutus about casca
yond- has a lean and hungry look he thinks too much such men are dangerous
caesar to antony about cassius
o he sits high in al the peoples hearts
casca to cassius about gettin brutus on their side
what does brutus say has been happening to him since cassius has told him of the plot
he cant sleep
reason why brutus joined the conspiracy
for the general good
it must be by his death and for my part i know no personal cause to spurn at him
brutus in a soliloquy/ caesar has to be killed
such instigations have been often dropped where i have took them up
brutus in a soliloquy
and no man here but honors you and every one doth wish you had but that opinion of yourslef which every noble roman bears you
cassius to brutus
i am not well in health and that is all
brutus to portia
you shall not stir out of your house today
calphurnia to caesar
what can be avoided whose end is purposed by the mighty gods
caesar to calphurnia
cowards die many times before their deaths the valiant never taste of death but once
caesar to calphurnia
brutus is wise and were he not in health he would embrace the means to come by it
portia to brutus
and therefore think him a serpents egg
brutus in a soliloquy
for- is a limb of caesar for he can do no more than caesar's arm when caesar's head is cut off
brutus to cassius
yet i do fear him for the ingrated love he bears to caesar
cassius to brutus
for he is superstituous grown of late quite from the main opinion he held once of fantasy of dreama and ceremonies
cassius to conspirators
why does artemidorus insist caesar read his petition
it concerns caesar the most
why does caesar refuse to read artemidorus's note
hes concerned with other people first
why does cassius fear their purpose has been discovered
popilius wished him good luck that day
trebonius's job in the conspiracy
to keep antony busy
metellus's job
to ask caesar to repeal his brother's banishment
all but whom stab caesar at first
when does caesar stop fighting back
when brutus stabs him
caesar's reaction to brutus being part of the conspiracy
et tu brute? and falls
crowd's reaction to murder/apparent plan of action
they're surprised and they want to tell the news
cassius justifies his act by saying
he does it for the good of rome
where does caesar fall/the irony
pompey's statue....he killed pompey's sons
antony wants the servant to find out
that caesar is dead
waht does antony say face to face to the conspirators
kill me like you killed caesar
what does antony say in private
woe be unto you
antony admits that caesar would grieve if he could see
antony shaking his murderer's hands
request antony makes of cassius and brutus
to talk in order of how they killed caesar
cassius objects to antony talking first is because
he doesnt know what he'll say
3 conditions under which antony can speak
speak good of caesar/talk after brutus/speak at brutus's pulpit
antony's prophesy
there will be revenge
why is octavius coming to rome
to see if caesar's dead
the message antony tells the servant
its not safe for octavius
what does antony want to do before the servant leaves for octavius
show caesar's corpse to the marketplace
brutus's main point in his speech
he loves rome
tone of antony's speech
what idea does antony plant in the heads of the citizens
caesar's good points and the will
what does caesar promise the citizens in his will
75 drachmas and walks/arbors/ new-planted orchards
o caesar read mine first for mine's a suit that touches caesar nearer. read it great caesar
artemidorus to caesar
i could be well moved if i were as you if i could pray to move prayers would move me........
caesar to casca
et tu brute
o mighty caesar dost thou lie so low? are all they conquests glories triumphs spoils shrunk to this little measure fare thee well
antony to caesar's body
o pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that i am meek and gentle with these butchers! thou art the ruins of the noblest man that ever lived in the tide of times woe to the hand that shed this costly blood
antony to brutus
i have done no more to caesar than you shall do to- as i slew my best loveer for the good of rome.....
brutus to crowd
for- as you know was caesar's angel. judge o you gods how dearly caesar loved him
antony to crowd
members of the 2nd triumverate
evidence that antony is ruthless
he cuts off people's legacies
brutus's complaint against cassius
cassius wouldnt give him money for his troops
what ends the quarrel bw brutus and cassius
cassius offering his life to brutus
what happened to portia
suicide by eating hot coals
# of senators antony and octavius have killed
difference between brutus and cassius's battle plans
brutus wants to go to phillipi and cassius wants to stay put
why does the ghost say he come/what does he mean
to tell him he'll see him again/brutus will die
this is a slight unmeritable man, meet to be sent on errands/meet to be sent on errands is is fit the threefold world......
antony to octavius
thou hast described a hot friend cooling. ever note lucilius when love begins to sicken and decay....
brutus to lucilius
i am an itching palm. you know that you are brutus that speaks this or by the gods this speech were else your last
antony to brutus
fret till your proud heart breaks go show your slaves how choleric you are and make your bondmen trmeble
cassius to brutus
there is my dagger and here my naked breast within a heart dearer than plutus's mine richer than gold
antony to brutus
this is a sleepy tune o murderous slumber lay'st thou thy leaden mace upon my boy that plays music.......
brutus to lucius
# of stab wounds caesar recieved
what does brutus say he will do instead of going to rome captured
he bears too great a mind
some of cassius's mena are
turning against him
what mistake does titiniius say brutus made
he gave the word too early
pindarius kills cassius
because he told him to
what happened according to messala
brutus and cassius are winnign
what's responsible for cassius's death
the thrill of victory
who is determined not to give up
what is brutus saying in his speech
he wants to die/ready to die
who holds brutus's sword while he falls on it
antony's opinion of brutus
he was the greatest noble roman
flatters! now brutus thank yourself this tongue had not offended so today if cassius might have ruled
cassius to octavius
this is my birthday
casius to messala
therefore our everlasting farewell take forever and forever farewell cassius!
brutus to cassius
caesar thou art revenged even with the sword that killed thee
cassius to pindarus
the sun of rome is set
titinus to messela
o julius caesar thou art mighty yet
brutus to cato
keep this man safe give him all kindness i have rather such men my friends than enemies
the ghost of caesar hath appeared to me two several times by night
brutus to voluminus
hold then my sword and turn away thy face while i do run upon it
brutus to strato
this was the noblest roman of them all....
antony to octavius