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books in the New Testment
The Infancy Narratives are found in the Gospels of ______ and _____
Matthew and Like
town where Jesus grew up
God becoming man
Where was Jesus' first miracle?
wedding at Cana
What are the Synoptic Gospels?
Matthew, Mark, Like
Who denied Jesus three times yet was still named the head of the Church?
divinely inspired written accounts of the life and teachings of jesus
Who were the Acts of the Apostles written by?
What did Jesus teach in?
What does John's Gospels refer to Jesus as?
The Way, The Truth, The Life
Jesus is called ____ which acknowledges the divine mystery of Him.
Liturgy is filled with ____ and ____
symbols and rituals
What is made present at Liturgy?
paschal mystery
roots of Eucharistic Prayer, a Jewish blessing
The Eucharistic prayer begins with the _______ when we give thanks to god through jesus in the holy spirit
the eucharistic prayer includes the _______ , ________ , and _______.
amnesesis, invocation, and epeclesis
liturgy is the _______ work of christ.
_______ is a term that means God is speaking to us through his word.
The purpose of a sacrament is to ______, ______, and ______.
sanctify us, build up the church, and to praise god.
the elements of Reconciliation are _______, ______ ,_______ , and _______ .
contrition, confession , penance, and absolution.
the ritual gesture at baptism is ________ .
pouring the water
the ritual gesture at the anointing of the sick is _______ and _______ .
laying on of hands and anointing with oil
the ritual gesture at Holy Orders is _______ and _______ .
laying on of hands and prayer of consecration
the sacraments of initiation are _______ , _______ ,and _______
batism, communion , confirmation
Mary was named the mother of God at the council of ______ in 431 AD.
The ______ _______ is a doctrine stating that Jesus had no human father.
virginal conception
Mary's birthday is celebrated on ______ .
september 8th
December 8 is the ______.
solemnity of the immactualte conception
The prayer "Magnificat" ws said at the ______.
the ______ focuses on events in Mary's life and Jesus's life.
the ______ is the cycle of feasts and seasons celebrating the events in the life of christ and his presence in the church, as well as Mary and the Saints.
liturgical year
A ______ is a lirturgy that celebrates a day of principal importance and universal significance.
A ______ is a liturgy that celebrates a day of major importance.
A ______ is a liturgy that celebrates minor events.
The Solemnity of ______ is celebrated on November 1st.
all saints
The color worn during Ordinary Time is ______.
______ is a time of preperation for Easter.
On Ascension Thursday, the color worn is ________.
Lent ends on ________ .
Holy Thursday
The Easter Triduum includes _______ , _______ , and _______
Holy Thursday, Good Friday , and Easter Vigil
The first native-born American saint was ________.
Elizabeth Anne Setan
A Native-American convert was _______.
Kateri Tekakwitah
A Doctor of the Church was _______.
Saint Teresa
Missionary churches were established for African-Americans and Native-Americans by _______.
Catherine Drexel
social sin
not trying to improve the dignity of work, the rights of workers, caring for God's creation , or the solidarity of the human family.
cardinal virtues
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance
theological virtues
faith, hope,and love
venial sin
weakens the relationship one has with God
respect for one's sexuality