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Case of constitution
if a person believes a consitutianal right, such as freedom of speach has been violated that person has the right to be held in court
Cases of Violations of federal law
kidnapping tax envasion or counterfeiting
controverssies between states
colorado and california disagree over rights to water in colorado river
disputes between partys from diffrent states
ms jones of main may bring suit on a federal court anginst mr smith of iowa for not fulfilling his part of the business agreement
suits involving the federal government
defense department might sue a company that conftracted to build missile parts but did not complete the work on time
cases based on admirally and maritime laws
dispute over the rights to millions of dollars in sunken ship wreak 160 miles off coast of SC
Involving US diplomates
American diplomate working in US embassy in France is accused of breaking an american law case would go to Fed gov
Involving Foreign Governments and Treaties
France bombs America